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assaulting the Big Sky

2016:07:01  21:07:25

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2016:07:01 21:08:16

July 1st

We were allowed nearly clear skies all day.

Around sunset the spray rigs arrived.

They ran well into the dark. Half a dozen or more passes in the next few hours.

One of their published excuses is that the metallic nano particles they spray out are supposedly reflecting the sun’s rays to cool the planet … preventing that nasty global warming, ya’know.

Right. That’s what we need overnight here.

We get so much sun between sunset and sunrise.
It’s long been a problem here. I’m so glad they are on the job.

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2016:07:02 13:04:53

2016:07:02  08:31:04

2016:07:02 09:31:04

July 2nd

The weather meteorologists forgot to check with the Air Force before publishing their forecast.

You can see from the first photo this morning the color of sky that we should have enjoyed today.

Then watch the sad progression as the “world improvers” have their way with it.

Once or twice a week in lower-left Montana, we get a natural, blue sky. The rest of the time it is this creamy nano-particle haze. It makes me sick. It makes all of us sick.

2016:07:02  09:35:33

2016:07:02 09:35:33

2016:07:02 11:39:46

2016:07:02 11:39:46

Paraphrasing a friend, Our job is to remain healthy in spite of their assault. That is how we win.

2016:07:02 11:51:38

2016:07:02 11:51:38

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2016:07:02 12:00:30


No blue sky or fresh air for the Northwest

 2016:07:02 12:44:49

2016:07:02 12:44:49