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Oopsie! I misplaced $2,300,000,000,000

9/10/2001: Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld announces they misplaced 2.3 trillion dollars.

The very next day, the hole below appeared in the Pentagon where the accounting office, the records, and all the colonels, generals, and staff investigating the missing money was.
hole in the Pentagon
The investigation was never restarted.

The 2.3 trillion dollars went away without a trace… on 9/11/01.

For perspective, imagine what a million dollars spent for good, positive purposes in your neighborhood could do. Multiply that a million times … kinda like nearly every neighborhood in the nation. A million millions equals ONE trillion. More than double that is what went MISSING

… Into the pockets of Rumsfeld and associates … who are still top dogs in Washington DC … and keep being re-elected, re-appointed and re-hired … who keep influencing every judicial, legislative and administrative position in every state in the nation.

Boeing 757-ExteriorThe 255,000-pound Boeing 757 that, according to the official story, made that 12-foot diameter hole is 44 feet tall and 125 feet wide. The tail section, wings, engines, fuselage and all kinda tucked themselves in just before its completely-all-consuming impact, like an Olympic diver entering the water… and never coming up.

Here is a little YouTube animation showing how big a trillion dollars is:

Interestingly, no investigation was ever launched into the cause of this hole in the Pentagon wall, let alone the disappearance of the investigation into the disappearing mountain of money.

Entry hole in Pentagon - note: 757 doesn't fit there either

Entry hole in Pentagon – note: 757 doesn’t fit there either

Apparently, the people with interest in knowing what caused the hole in the wall knew as much as they wanted to about its cause …

and we weren’t interested …

We were quite busy in the stands for the next 15 years cheering the destruction of every government and civilization in Arabia … along with the one defined by The Constitution of the United States with its integral Bill of Rights.

Oh yeah, and the transfer of another FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS into the military industrial complex. *

You do remember what one trillion looks like, don’t you?



President Eisenhower’s farewell address
introduces “the military-industrial complex”


Oh yeah, there was this other little side-effect… file under the category of “it takes money to make money”.

The 7.3 trillion dollars (you can add 2.3 to 5, right?) seems to have helped the top 1% out quite a bit.

They bought a lot of stuff with their “found money” … and made lots of GOOD DEALS with it.

The Godfather would blush at the dishonor of it all.