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Orlando … what happened?

serveimageWhat do we KNOW about the mass shooting story out of Orlando?

According to the story told by mainstream media and repeated far and wide throughout the Internet:
A Muslim man saw two men kissing one day.
That incensed him greatly… for many days.
He armed himself with an AR-15 rifle, a handgun and “some explosive device”
the strolled through the bouncers/ID-check guys at the door
went into a club full of gays and started shooting people
in a gun-free zone where nobody was likely to return fire.

Now the Internet, that was quite lively with news of The Bilderberg Group meeting this week with all the high-level politicians, bankers, media and power-brokers attending, has turned its attention to Muslims, AR-15s, Gays, and the long-dreamed-of repeal of the 2nd Amendment.

How convenient.

This club was packed with the generation that broadcasts selfies with every mundane thing they do. A big time event with 50 dead bodies and 50 wounded would certainly produce an absolute ocean of proletariat-produced victim photos.


The BIG THREE controversial issues the rulers want us to focus on nowadays are Muslims, AR-15s and Gays. How handy today’s big event has it all.

The crisis actors – oops, I mean survivors, are strangely devoid of the emotion normal to people witnessing 50 dead, 50 wounded with hundreds of bloody bullet holes in them, and having somehow dodged numerous bullets whizzing overhead.

The standard full-court-press onsite media footage of bloody bodies being gurneyed out to a 100-van EMT fleet has not one single frame, not one photo, not one live movie stream.
Okay. I wasn’t there. I didn’t see the event.

But for heck’s sake, it appears nobody else did either.

My smeller says something is off here.