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way out there

man on moonNow for something really out of this world…
Well, actually that it is not, nor was not out of this world is the big surprise to me.

I have had a few acquaintances suggesting that the NASA lunar landings were actually elaborate hoaxes. Even my good friend ‘the hippy carpenter’ used to say that stuff in the pre-Internet days.

Pretty goofy premise, if you asked me.

After years of false flag exposure, the video below came may way. I thought: hmmmmm. This might be interesting. Let’s see if it is at all convincing.

Maybe you don’t care, but if you are at all curious, I watched the video and found it quite amusing …
that they’d even bother …
then to the extent they went …
and continue to carry this sham.

Another example of “If they lie about this, what else are they lying about?”

from: (Before It’s News)