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pictures of Paradise

I took a weekend trip to Plains, Montana. I’ll tell you about it sometime. It is just the other side of Paradise (I do love playing with the name that tiny burg wears).

Driving down the Clark Fork River through that area, it is easy to imagine native people living comfortably off nature’s bounty there. The Bitterroot joins the Clark Fork in Missoula, making a significant wide, easy-moving river as it heads west.

But evil people are not happy with that situation, so they work at fixing it. I took some photos and my first Canon Powershot camera video as I headed home Sunday morning.

This also triggered establishment of my own YouTube channel to share my little video clip(s). My very first Powershot camera video is a bit like the view from the cockpit of an aerobatic airplane, but it does show more than my still photos do.

Clark Fork River east of Paradise

another day in Paradise

crossing prior trail

not your normal water vapor refraction

painting the sky in Plains

Paradise older and newer

Paradise twins

Paradise twin trails

Paradise zoomed in

track turns at 2nd track

turning trails on and off