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when all else failsA QST is a message to all participants in an amateur radio net. I shared this one today with four nets I participate in:

Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies are preparing and have prepared for an Electro-Magnetic-Pulse weapon detonated over the United States.

Their preparations assume destruction of many electronic devices as well as the entire electrical grid of our country.

Without telephone and Internet service, normal communications will be non-existent.

Amateur radio, where operational, will be a very highly prized community lifeline.

It is up to us, the amateur radio operators, to be that resource for our communities.

The simple expedient of storing rarely or occasionally used radio gear inside sealed metal containers, insulated from metal contact could provide backup, emergency communications gear.

Planning for post-EMP power supplies is the other part of that preparation.

Details of those preparations are not appropriate for a QST, but are readily available on the Internet.