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propeller plane delivers "contrail" to The Bitterroot June 11, 2016

propeller plane delivers “contrail” to The Bitterroot June 11, 2016

I was riding my bicycle on Conner Cutoff road when I saw an airplane approaching from the west. It was leaving a strong, broad, billowy “contrail”. One of those I see frequently in The Bitterroot that are extraordinary in volume and staying power.

What was really remarkable about this one was the noise that reached me once the airplane got overhead … propellers!!!

I really kicked myself for not taking my camera on the bike ride, but I took this photograph of its trail when I got home ten or fifteen minutes later.

This, rather obviously, is not prop wash or engine exhaust from an airplane.

Who is spraying, what, and why are questions I would like to hold off on for now. The point I want to get agreement on is that we are being sprayed.

Whether it is good for the people, plants, animals, water and soil are questions the state environmental agencies should be working on.

After all, these things are kind-of important to us.