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It is eating at me that mainstream mythology, the propaganda propagators have such a large audience. Even people who grok much of the political climate still find themselves allowing the liars into their living room, and into their brains.

Just say NO.

Take a month off.

Use the sources listed and linked below for a month. When you return, you will see clearly what you couldn’t see before you left. You are likely to head right back out the door to never return. Vote with your feet. Take away their power one brain at a time, starting with yours.

Since it is my article, I’ll start off with my websites, then move into my favorites from there in no particular order. When I conceived of this post, I was going to add a description. I decided against it. Go look. Trust me far enough to know they are at the very least worth a look.

Most importantly, follow the links many of these sources will take you to. Build your own favorite sources. Learn to discern fact from fiction. It is awesome fitness exercise for your brain. You will be amazed, after a little practice, how quickly liars you used to believe are not at all credible any more.

Most importantly, you will no longer be manipulatable. No matter how uncomfortable the truth is, that one attribute will make it all worthwhile.

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