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Yellowstone caldera is back in the news

Georgia Guidestones EnglishWhen I am thinking about the people who want to reduce the Earth’s human population by 93% and ways they might try to accomplish that goal, this one grand idea keeps jumping back into a leadership position.

Again, I remind you that these people etched their population goals in granite … 120-tons of it. See my essay on The Georgia Guidestones. in case you don’t remember. I am not making up their stated, driving desire to eliminate you, your family, your friends, your neighbors, the people in your town, your state, everybody but the 7% of the human race that they want to share the planet Earth with.

“Let’s play Royalty and Serfs”

Click on that thumbnail picture of the English language face of The Georgia Guidestones top right.
Look at that population number etched in granite.
I quote from the article linked above:
“The current human population of Earth is 7,376,324,000 and going up.
The Georgia Guidestones put a maximum limit of 500,000,000 as JOB 1.
Whoever put them up is calling for the murder of 6,876,324,000+ people.”

You and I cannot imagine deliberately killing one person. Our minds cannot comprehend a group of people who want to, advocate, and plan to, kill 7 billion people.. Yet we see their faces and hear their words broadcast on national television.

I digress only to tell you that they are serious. They plan ugly on a scale so grand you can hardly imagine it. So before you slam the door in this idea, realize that it is not mine, nor is it that of normal humans… and, sadly, it is not impossible.

I share this with you hoping that rather than resigning yourself and your world to whatever fate they deliver, you will understand their depravity, recognize the multitude of their fallibilities, and resist whenever and wherever you can.

Recognize that not only are they spiritually and emotionally bankrupt, their schemes are equally flawed.
Their plans will not work as they imagine.
Nature and the cosmos are far beyond their control.

They can mess everything up a whole bunch, but the results will be quite different from what they hoped to get.

Do your bit to foil their plans. Survive in spite of them.


That was all a preface to the article I ran across this morning. I have long thought and often said that The Yellowstone Caldera would be a cool tool for people wanting to eliminate a whole lot of the Earth’s population in a big hurry. Here are hints that the wackos of the world may be working on that.

… and don’t miss my P.S. at the bottom.



yellowstone volcano explosion


In 2014 and again recently, I published geological findings which sheds light on why we should be concerned about Yellowstone erupting. In the past several months I have been receiving reports from many sources that claim that there is a false flag potential which could lead to an extinction level event. below are two letters, one is from a source that is easily identifiable, the other is from an anonymous source.


Dear Dave Hodges

I am… and would like to assist you in understanding what’s going on at Yellowstone.  For reference, I am a geologist  and geophysicist…

If we’re going to go back in time to find extremely alarming data, how about we reference the the seismic signature seen across multiple Yellowstone seismographs on January 25th, 2011, one such seismograph seen below .   While the seismic signature looks far more tame than the borehole you provided (ed. note 2014 article), it actually caused far more alarm, and resulted in a emergency field effort 3 days later involving 33 persons, engaging in a seismic refraction survey with more than 8 feet of snow on the ground.

The signature above shows  repeated “pulses” which are  volcanic tremors, or perhaps more accurately volcanic “chugging”, as large volumes of lava are being transported under pressure through fissures.  The reason for the seismic survey was to gauge the size and viscosity (explosivity)  of the Yellowstone magma chamber.   The results of the  survey caused so much alarm that the government has been pursing.

Or here is one of two  areas which I “targeted” as an area of concern on May 5th, 2014.  Less than one month later, on June 2-4th more than 180 low-magnitude quakes occurred at that location between Grizzly Lake and Loop Road to the east:

What’s significant about this location is obviously not the magnitude of the quakes, nor even the quantity of quakes in only a 48 hour time interval, but rather the significance is very disturbing plan the government is engaging at that location which triggered those quakes…


Thomas J. McCann, III



Dear Dave,

I am writing to you because you are fearless in your pursuit of the truth. I cannot say a lot about my background because it would be traceable back to me. Suffice it to say, I hold degrees and have the expertise to tell you what I am about to say. My tendency is to make the information so overwhelming that no one could doubt the veracity of my claims. 

For what I am about to reveal to you, I have signed a national security agreement which carries with it automatic prison time with no due process. I believe that there are some that would kill from letting this come out. 

In 2011, I was investigating increasing quake activity in the Yellowstone area. We were tasked with performing a threat assessment.  What was odd is that the military was overseeing our investigation and we reported directly to the military. This was a first in my long career. 

Originally, we were not limited in the scope of our investigation. At least we weren’t until we discovered fracking that was going on at the site of one of our investigations in which the quakes in the area were increasing exponentially. Because were not allowed to pursue the correlation between fracking and the increase in quake activity, it was impossible to establish a direct cause and effect. However, our team believed that the correlation was undeniable between the variables and given enough time we would have been able to establish cause and effect…  FYI, it was our operating hypothesis that the fracking was able to redirect pressure point of any quake or subsequent magma eruption…..

Based on the limited data set available, it looks like the “frackers” were experimenting. We concluded that because the pattern of covariance was very regular and that is not something that one would see with normal fracking. In other words, somebody was trying to assess if they could cause a  series of eruptions at Yellowstone.,. We were shut down and forced to sign national security oaths and non-disclosures under penalty of law. 

Recently, I was visited by a former colleague who was investigating the same region. However, he did not report fracking style activity in the area. He said they detected electromagnetic interference. It was his feeling that a major eruption and quake could be triggered through a change in directed electronic frequencies. Dave, I read on your site, about two years ago, about a document with patents called Air Force owning the weather 2025. I know that you know that what I am talking about is not only possible but is already being down. 

The quakes in Ecuador are not natural and do not follow expected patterns. This was impetus for my contact. My associate and I believe that Ecuador could be a test for what is coming to Yellowstone. The two of us believe that they are artificially created.  If this technology was directed to the highly volatile Yellowstone region which I believe is most vulnerable to a major event, there will be hell to pay. I can tell you without hesitation that one-third of the country would be completely uninhabitable for years. Tens of millions of people would die.

If you print any or all of this communication, one of my associates will contact you with more scientific data. I hope you will forgive me but I cannot give you my data because is too easily identifiable.

These Are Not Stand-Alone Observations

In the past week, on this website, I published brochure which described a disaster response (martial law) drill in Wyoming. I have come to discover that there are at least two other drills begin held this month, also in Wyoming.

Further, I published a report of a hospital, also in Wyoming, in which employees made a discovery of DHS body bags in which the origin of the delivery could not be established. I have now received another report along the same lines. Please be mindful that all of these events have taken place within the past week.

To add fuel to the fire, on March 10th, I published, for the third time, references to Air Force Owning the Weather 2025. Take the time to go through the patents and descriptions and ask yourself the question, does the technology exist to turn Yellowstone into a false-flag extinction level event for those living in the United States?


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P. S. Check out the face of their ideal world leader.

Item #2 of their Georgia Guidestones says:



rothschild poster