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flying dream
I have had dreams where I could fly. Not the supersonic or hypersonic way Superman did, but effortless travel in all directions including vertical. During them I was always amazed that the only thing holding me back had been my inability to believe I could.

And that turned out to be how they ended as well. Even knowing I had just flown, I could not get off the ground because the belief was no longer strong enough.

In the waking world I have had a large number, more a continuous stream, of similar situations. Knowing I could do something, or get something done, got it done.

I have worked alongside many powerful men. Gym-strong guys who could easily lift twice what I could. Yet I levitate my 1100-pound safe, my 900-pound metalwork table, or some other large, heavy, awkward item where they could not. I make things move or shift that others could not imagine moving or shifting.

It works the same in cultural, social and tribal situations. While others fantasize about some change they wish for, I don’t see insurmountable barriers at all. Bip-Bop-Bam … you can have it if you want it.

I can.

What is in my head is the only difference.

Turns out your head is your strongest muscle.
If it says, “I can’t.” You can’t.
If it says, “I’m sick.” You are sick.
If it says, “I’ll win.” You will win

Of course it cannot always work,
but in my experience it is the only thing that does.