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drug war

the war on drugs begins
Today I ran across the clipping to the right. It fits with everything I know about the so called “war on drugs”.

There is no war on drugs. There is a war on people… people who use drugs OTHER THAN those sold by the big pharmaceutical mega-corporations.

I was a teenager when they outlawed cannabis. I had never seen it, did not even know anyone who had, and the Libertarian party was years away from even being thought of. Yet the concept was so blatantly wrong that I wrote my first ever letter to the editor, ridiculing the Nixon drug doctrine.

Here we are, 50 years into a policy that completely failed to do any good for good people, succeeded wildly in doing bad to good people, and is working extremely well for bad people.

We have elected multiple drug-using Presidents Of The United States, senators, congressmen, and an ocean of lower level politicians, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of “illicit drug” using staff wonks.

They aren’t in prison. They are in the protected class. no I won't prescribe medical mj

But we still tolerate their war on us. vioxx vs marijuana

This is not about what is wrong with THEM.

What is wrong with us?

What kind of whacked-out culture would not only tolerate this insanity, but continue to vote for it year after year?

I will give you a few hints.

Federal Communications Commission controls who can broadcast on television and radio.

dc mj resultsFederal Department of Education controls what is taught in “public” schools.

Federal grants, aid and scholarship dollars control what is taught in colleges and universities, and by whom.

Federal welfare and housing fuels dependent ways of life.

economics applied to drug war
Federal election commission limits choices to one flavor in two colors.

Federal police scoop up dissidents; suppress alternate views.

double standardWe don’t like it.

We squirm in our fetters.

But we don’t throw off our shackles…

Even when the tools are lying right next to us.

Our country has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world.

We aren’t merely in the top 50…

or even just the top 10.
time to quit

Think about all of the countries, dictators, repressive cultures in the world.

The USofA is Number 1

Used to be called “A free country”.

“They hate us for our freedoms”.

“I’m fighting for liberty”.


Everyone who reelects proven prohibitionists…
US army guarding poppy fields
war on drugs benefitsEveryone who apologizes for some parts of their war on us…
Everyone who accepts the double standard
Everyone who grants credibility to prohibitionists
All the “Well, buts” in the world
All support this incredible, long-running organized crime.

How big is it?
How deep does it go?

The photo to the right is of US Army troops guarding Afghan opium poppy fields.
Opium and heroin production is several times higher since the USofA went to war in Afghanistan, destroyed the existing infrastructure, and deposed the elected rulers.

Do a web search on “Air America”
and “Medina Airport Clinton connection”.
usofa vs portugal
I could list dozens of eye-opening search suggestions like that.

The rot runs deep.

Again, only because we let it.

Portugal is one of many examples. Dozens of national governments have discarded the tired, awful war on non-prescription drugs, herbs, plants, natural medicines, or whatever you want to call this war on peaceful people by their own government.

In every case, the war turned out to be the enemy. The government was the problem. The people were not.

You have you heard “The War On Drugs” for most or all of your life. medical marijuana

What does it mean to you?

Are there a class of “drug users” that are at a lower level than you?

Are heavy prescription medication users somehow BETTER than self-prescribed?

Do we have some obligation to throw people in prison for what otherwise would be wonderful, productive, happy YEARS of their lives, imprint “FELON” on their work history and make them start lives from scratch with a severe employment handicap because they chose something we did not choose? … or did not get caught using?
mj vs chemo
Do we have a legitimate RIGHT to study and seek alternatives to treatments we find untrustworthy?

If I want to try cannabis oil for five unions lobbying for prohibitionmelanoma instead of the far more expensive, intrusive and less reliable cut, cut, cut protocol, I darn well should not be concerned about illegitimate laws banning it.

None of us should.

Having choices is the hallmark of liberty. This country was created under the banner of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

The Libertarian Party is most easily understood by a phrase I learned in my middle school years:
drug war supporters
Your right to swing your fist stops
where my nose begins.

how do we know your aren't doing it for fun
My wife favors the phrase:
Whatever floats your boat so long as it doesn’t sink mine”.

The succinct bumper-sticker phrases underlie a large, strong philosophy of treating others with respect, or as you would have them treat you.

You can support liberty.

You can support freedom.

CCofA spending against legalizationYou can work for a free country.

Who is stopping you?

What is stopping you?

You have a say in the matter.

Say it.

Support your Libertarian candidates.

Vote Libertarian.

Vote Ted Dunlap for governor.