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real presidential debate

John StosselForget the Circus, a real debate is coming to town … nation-wide, that is.

The Libertarian Party, often known as “The Party of Principle” is having a debate among their leading candidates for the US Presidential race broadcast nation-wide on television.

We are not talking high-rolling showboats, but philosophically based candidates who are well-read and knowledgeable about cultural, economic and political sciences.

The debate will be hosted by John Stossel and aired on his weekly show.

April 1st, Fox Business Channel,

John Stossel show, 6:00pm Mountain time.

That will show on Dish network channel 206
and on Direct TV channel 359

I found the schedule from this website:

My ignorance regarding what is on television is nearly complete, but I tracked this one down for good reason. Get out your Superbowl Party snacks and enjoy a break from the presidential reality show that has many thoughtful people reeling in disgust.

We are making it into a honest-to-goodness party in Hamilton Montana. Get there before 6:00 for best seating choices.

The Edge
140 Bitterroot Plaza Drive
Hamilton, Montana 59840
P: 406.375.0007

Join us there or plan your own party.
Ours will be in what The Edge calls, “The Downstairs Area”.