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gotta have a truck … but

the CRX and The Beast smallI have to have a truck.
They haul stuff.
And I like to do stuff.
… match made in heaven.


I’ve been a car, racer, sports car guy for longer than you have been alive. I have to have something that scratches that itch.

The wimmen in my life don’t like me running about on motorcycles. I have to admit that I run near the edge, and am much more skillful at the edge with cars than I am with bikes. Granted, my skills once were interchangeable, but they are not now, and regaining the bike talent carries certain risk..

Thus, given that I WILL run near the edge, it is a whole lot smarter to do it on four wheels than two.

I tripped over this Honda CRX that had evolved under two pairs of hands to be a race car. It was not far from being a street car as well. A few steps towards the mild side and I have a really fun driver’s car that was inexpensive to acquire, a whole lot cheaper than The Beast to run errands in, and most importantly, gives me a grand grin when I depress the loud pedal and stir the joy stick.


Even on snow tires, it corners like it is on rails Ted Speedster1and accelerates as if the horsemen of hades were on its tail. Since it has been over 16 years since I had my ultimate street racer, the ’56 Speedster on steroids, I cannot hope to compare. However, I would guess these two would be very, very close at any venue I raced them in.

To those who have these juices in their veins, no explanation is necessary.
To those who don’t, no explanation will suffice.

Bonus points to the CRX:
1: I sold the Speedster for $27,000. I bought the CRX for $2,500 ($200 less than the Speedster cost mid-1970).
2: I was always wishing for better Speedster tires. The CRX has three full state-of-the-art sets.
3: Extremely rare Speedster parts were an art form, a jazz improvisation. CRX parts are as common as old shoes.
4: I never could completely ignore that the Speedster had high market value; that it was impossible for me to replace. I ignored it almost completely, but the CRX is truly replaceable in every way. The Speedster never was.