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furniture shipment for those poor refugees

refugee furniture 1Those paying attention to sources other than the big 6 propaganda monopolies have seen the huge proportion of fighting-age, fighting-fit, unattached men carrying smart phones spreading throughout Europe and the USofA … wearing the label of “refugees”.

We also noticed that this “crisis” is a recent phenomena. It is not like they are suddenly motivated to escape USofA and NATO munitions that have been destroying their people, cities, infrastructure and culture for 14 years.

NO, the sudden plague is an invasion. It is just barely subtle enough to stave off exposure by lamestream media, but rather blatant to the rest of us; to the watchers.

While the anti-American, anti-European soldiers pour through our borders and are imported into our country in invasion-force numbers, their arms are coming in simultaneously.
refugee furniture 2
The pictures recently out of Greece are not the only shipments to fall into customs official hands. There have been numerous examples.

But you have to know for every one that is found, dozens are making it to the planned drop points.

Also obvious, this is a very well-funded, well-connected, concerted plan.

To do what is also obvious. This is the next ground war. Coming to neighborhoods near and dear to you.

This “furniture shipment” was supposed to go to the refugee camps in GREECE To make their life more bearable and ease their hardships.
refugee furniture 3
52 tons of guns and ammunition in big 40’ double containers followed the migrants to Europe, pretending to be furniture but, was discovered by the Greek border securities in 14 containers.

This direcly relates to air drops of surface-to-air missiles, small and medium arms and so on “accidentally” being dropped into “militant” hands.

Not to mention arming, training and supporting “the good militants” … who in turn arm, train and support the bad ones. OOoops. Our bad.
refugee furniture 4

C’mon. Are you buying this pile of horse apples?

World War III is an inside job.

You will get it … whether you understand it or not.

In the USofA we are fortunate enough to have them outgunned. Not many Europeans have the same edge.

refugee furniture 5Big transformation is coming our way.

Lucky us. We have front-row seats to the show.refugee furniture 6
refugee furniture 7
refugee furniture 8
refugee furniture 9