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2 PM refuge showdown in Hamilton

Up for a discussion at the Ravalli Commissioners meeting today at 2:00pm is the letter below.

There is little question that the devastation of Made In USA bombs, munitions and other weapons are forcing Arabs to reconsider where they live and raise their families. In that way it is rational for us to accept the results of “our” destruction.

Whether deserved or not, part of a nefarious strategy or not, men known by many labels such as “radical Islam”, are beating, maiming, raping and widespread assaulting people wherever they go. Facilitating a significant population influx of them at this time is suicidal.

Ravalli County has high unemployment problems already without importing another block of jobless individuals. That, too, makes no sense whatsoever.

I agree with the commissioners that now is the time to say, “Waitaminnut”.


Ravalli County Commissioners

215 South 4th Street, Suite A

Hamilton, MT 59840

406-375-6500 ▪ 406-375-6507 fax

February 14, 2016

Ms. Anne C. Richard, Assistant Secretary

Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration

US Department of State

2201 C St. NW #5805

Washington, D.C. 20520

RE: Resettling of Refugees in Ravalli County

Dear Anne;

The Ravalli County Commissioners would like to express our opposition to the resettling of refugees in Ravalli County or neighboring counties. The migration of refugees from a host county to surrounding counties would be inevitable.

It is the responsibility of Ravalli County to protect the Health, Safety and Welfare of the citizens of Ravalli County. The threat from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and other radical terrorist groups is intensifying. The Director of the FBI and DHS have both stated on the record that is not possible to adequately investigate the legitimacy of each claim of refugee status to prevent members of ISIS or other terrorist organizations from entering the United States.

Impacts to small communities’ economy, culture and most importantly Health, Safety and Welfare from refugees are unknown. The Board of Ravalli County Commissioners oppose the resettling of refugees without an analysis of the impacts and a vetting process that can adequately identify threats to our local communities, state and nation.



_____________________________ _____________________________

J.R. Iman, Chairman Greg Chilcott, Member

_____________________________ _____________________________

Jeff Burrows, Vice-Chairman Ray Hawk, Member


Doug Schallenberger, Member