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silver whack-a-mole

ag0060lnbSilver prices are far below simple ore extraction costs. Refined and minted silver is over twice the price currently reflected in a heavily manipulated market.

Well over 90% of the COMEX transactions used to determine the market price are of paper promises rather than solid silver.

Manipulators trade extraordinary volumes of silver vaporware to keep the price artificially low. This props up the fiat paper money market AND allows the elites to continue accumulating silver (and gold) at artificially low prices.

The problems for them are that silver has hundreds of industrial uses, demand is far greater than supply and people are demanding physical silver as a reliable store of wealth.

whack-a-moleKitco’s 60 Day Silver chart looks like a game of Whack-A-Mole. Silver keeps trying to break out of their stranglehold while they continually beat it back down.

The market will win. It always does.

When the pressure for real silver finally overwhelms the den of vipers and thieves, real silver will demand real prices. Fake (fiat) money will disintegrate as if the paper it was printed on had been burned and buried for 103 years.

It is easy to imagine the price of silver racing up to infinity when measured in Feral Reserve Notes.

They know it.

Do you?