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What Your Farts Say About Your Health

There’s a lot more to farting than embarrassment, humor, and cultural stigma. Your fart smell and frequency could telling you something about your well-being. Foods that make your farts smellier. Foods that are abundant in sulfur, such as eggs and meat, might make your farts extra smelly. Foods high in sulfate, such as broccoli, almonds, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts can also have this affect. Purna Kashyap, a gastroenterologist at the Mayo Clinic, told NPR last year that smelly gas can be beneficial in lowering the amount of air in one’s gut because bacteria and archaea produce the sulfide gas. RELATED: ONE CHART EXPLAINS WHAT YOUR POOP SAYS ABOUT YOUR HEALTH “Bacteria that make sulfide gas are really important,” Kashyap said. […]

busted for outing the boss

EDITOR NOTE: A kind-of man who never worked an honest day in his life, whose personal net worth has exploded is now mansion shopping in Muslim-friendly country. Gotta fire the guy who mentions that USofA military and intelligence assets are being used for personal purposes of the criminal in chief. – Ted Top US Admiral Fired For Questioning Obama Purchase Of Mansion In Dubai A stunning new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that one of the United States Navy’s top commanders was relieved of his command a few hours ago after he sent out an “email/posting” revealing that President Barack Obama was in the process of purchasing a multi-million dollar seaside luxury villa in […]

get ready reminder

The Whole Thing is About To Come Unhinged: 6 Ways To Prepare For the Next Collapse Tess Pennington Ready Nutrition Since the last great recession of 2008, economic forecasters and preppers alike have warned of the bottom dropping out of the economy. The proverbial doom prediction of “it’s not if, but when” was used for years as a call to action to get ready for a much larger economic disaster. Well folks, it seems that history is repeating itself. This week, George Soros cautioned the public of an impending economic crisis. Speaking at an economic forum in Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo, he told an audience that China is struggling to find a new growth model and its currency devaluation is […]

the sinking of the US dollar

The Titanic was Sunk Deliberately to Create the Federal Reserve Remember the Hollywood block-buster movie film TITANIC with actor Leonardo de Caprio? Well, it is not the real story. It is just part of the story. What you’ll read below is the true story as to what really happened to the famous ship called Titanic. The information you’ll read below is not a conspiracy theory, but rather well-recorded in the books of World History. FACT: In 1898 a man named Morgan Robertson penned a book titled “Wreck of the Titan” about a luxury liner deemed unsinkable that was going too fast in the North Atlantic in April and hit and iceberg killing most everyone on board due to lack of […]

healthy, happy and wise

New Research Says That for Men an Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away There’s tons of evidence to suggest that having orgasms on a regular basis is good for your health. In fact, science has suggested that masturbating regularly can lead to everything from an improved immune system to better bladder control to lower blood pressure. For men, frequent ejaculation has been especially highlighted as a powerful factor in the prevention of prostate cancer. Now, a study out of Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women Hospital confirms what we already know: Masturbation is awesome. In fact, researchers have concluded that one orgasm a day could be all it takes to significantly lower one’s chances of developing what the […]

currency reset

Mining Co. CEO: “Very Sophisticated High Net Worth Investors Are Buying Up Physical Precious Metals” by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan: According to the CEO of one of the world’s top primary producers of silver, looming precious metals shortages could drive the price of gold to $5000 and silver to $100 over the next three to five years. Keith Neumeyer, who oversees First Majestic Silver and is also the Chairman of mineral bank First Mining Finance, says that with commodity prices in capitulation mining companies around the world are either reducing operations or outright shutting down, the consequence of which will be a supply crunch across the industry and a resurgence in precious metals prices. And Neumeyer isn’t the only one […]

civil war warming up?

Feds Preparing “Multi-Agency” Action In Oregon As Patriot Militia Says They Are “Willing To Kill And Be Killed” Posted on January 4, 2016 by Mac Slavo What started as a peaceful protest in Burn, Oregon over the imprisonment of two ranchers, who lit fires on federal land to curb the growth of invasive plant species and reduce the risk of wildfires on their property, has turned into an armed standoff pitting the Federal government against armed Patriot militiamen. Joining the Burn protest were Ammon and Ryan Bundy, the sons of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy who was at the center of a grazing rights dispute in Bunkerville, Nevada in 2014. At Bunkerville as many as 5,000 armed individuals from around the […]

we are mid-crash

What Really Happened In 2015, And What Is Coming In 2016… Posted on January 4, 2016 by Michael Snyder A lot of people were expecting some really big things to happen in 2015, and most of them did not happen. But what did happen? It is my contention that a global financial crisis began during the second half of 2015, and it threatens to greatly accelerate as we enter 2016. During the last six months of the year that just ended, financial markets all over the planet crashed, trillions of dollars of global wealth was wiped out, and some of the largest economies in the world plunged into recession. Here in the United States, 2015 was the worst year for […]

big-picture goals

New Year’s Resolutions are famously futile for most people… exercise, lose weight, drink more tea and so on regularly fall by the wayside before January departs. Fitness centers all suffer from JAMuary – waiting your turn on the treadmills, progressing to a handful of regulars the rest of the year. That does not make it a bad idea to reflect on the year gone by and think about what you will wish you did by the end of the new one. Just make sure the goals are attractive, achievable and can be handled in bite-sized pieces. The list above isn’t mine, but I think it is a good one to look over and pick a few for yourself. Over […]

don’t nuke your food

I didn’t like the way they made the food taste, or more accurately, the lack of flavors that stovetop, baked and crock-pot food had. Even reheated food declined in microwaves when compared to reheats on the stove. Worse was the texture. Who would eat rubber chicken on purpose? Answer: millions of us. In recent years more and more studies and laboratory analyses are bringing science to the conversation. The truth remains the same. Reinforcements just arrived. Why Microwaves Are Seriously Freaking Bad For You by Gary TruthKings I really despise microwaves. I really always have. Even as a child, I would comment that the microwave would “make the food taste weird.” And of course, it most certainly does “make the […]