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inspiration you and I need

It is easy to slip into the everyday. We have to. The economy, culture, government and every aspect of our world has marched to the brink of disaster for most of our lives. Numerous tipping points have come and gone without The Great Fall occurring.

Many have moved from preparedness back into the world of bread and circuses. It is time for you to return to the smart side.

Let me rephrase that: It is time for you to watch the two YouTube videos I clipped into this article.

They are very well produced and give a great picture of where we are today politically, culturally and economically.

If you are on a limited Internet download budget, as I am, the little gear symbol at the lower right of YouTube videos allows you to turn the quality down to low resolution video, retaining the audio, but shrinking the transmission consumption to negligible.

Regardless, these two shows are the most important you will watch this week, perhaps this month or maybe even in your life. They are more than good, they are HUGELY SIGNIFICANT.

I’m not going to suggest what you should do with this information, except THINK.


Just mull it over.

Dedicate today to thinking about it.

Absorb the information and implications.

That’s what I’m doing.

We can come up with a prioritized action list tomorrow.

It is not procrastination as much as it is a major step in a multi-step process:

You may not have time to fart around. Get your head to “Acceptance” as quickly as you can because next up is to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

That is called preparing.

It is what intelligent beings do.

It is something survivors will have in common.


I found these video clips in an excellent article published at Before It Is News. I highly recommend reading the article as well as watching the videos.

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