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Baltic Dry Index at ZERO!!!

Something’s Going on with the BDI…

and some sites are saying “The Atlantic has no Cargo Ships!!”…

so, come on, now… “What’s Going On??”


First of all, I suggest that each one who reads this, please put on your “Higher Discernment” glasses, and look beyond statements in the articles pointed out here which imply the “world is ending so go into your bunkers and don’t come out”. We know the old paradigm oil-based fiat-currency economies have to collapse… eventually. Perhaps that “eventually” time has come… now please read on.

Okay, so a couple days ago, I found this post at Galactic Connection, entitled, “Major Ships Evacuate Atlantic Ocean For First Time In History – Sign of a Coming Western Economic/Banking Collapse?“. This was attributed to Your News Wire, which eventually led to the original (apparently), at

Major Ships Have Deserted Atlantic Ocean For First Time In History
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

“A very alarming Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that Federation Naval Forces reported yesterday that the entire Atlantic Ocean has been totally deserted of major freighter ships—an occurrence this report states has never been seen in all of modern recorded history. “

Now I originally attributed all of this to “fear porn”, since “Sorcha Faal” is a well known disinformation source.


I just found this one today (via a FB feed), from 1-8-16, which is entitled, “Historic First: North Atlantic EMPTY of Cargo Ships in-transit – ALL anchored along coasts; none moving“. And it says the same thing.

“Commerce between Europe and North America has literally come to a halt. For the first time in known history, not one cargo ship is in-transit in the North Atlantic between Europe and North America. All of them (hundreds) are either anchored offshore or in-port. NOTHING is moving.

This has never happened before… The reason commerce has stopped is simple: People are not buying things. When people do not buy things, retailers do not sell things, so they do not order more goods for stock.

Put simply, the global economy is LITERALLY stopping. Right now. Today.”

Each of those articles has this link (a map) to real-time movement of ships around the world. Personally, since that map has big blank spots throughout the Atlantic (and other oceans), I do not see how that can tell you that there are NO cargo ships on the Atlantic. Or the other oceans, for that matter. Anyway…

I finally did go and check the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) which, as I understand it, is kind of a measure of demand for goods (raw materials) related to ships available to carry them. Basically, high demand, and less than sufficient number of ships to carry, leads to higher BDI. Low demand and/or too many ships to carry them, leads to lower BDI (read more about BDI here).

Bottom line:
“Good” world economy –> High BDI
“Bad” world economy –> Low BDI

Now look at these BDI charts (click either to enlarge in a new window).



Holy crap! This shows the lowest BDI for the last 20 years!! At 429! (as of 1-9-16)

So something does seem to be going on. Are we about ready to go into a type of “Event” scenario, where data dumps and disclosures and arrests and 3-ring circuses of all kinds are going to happen?

Well, we shall see. All I have to say is that I am keeping my intentions for the planet pointed upward, and knowing that we are indeed headed for a new Higher Age for all humanity… however it may happen!

Aloha, Kp