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doing a Route 66

Route 66 showThere was a television show about a Corvette that ran for years.

Well, not just one Corvette, but whatever the current model was during the show’s production.

Supposedly it was about Tod and Buz wandering up and down Route 66 through 40 states doing good deeds before driving off.

But it was about the Corvette … every boy’s fantasy car … a fantasy that many never outgrow. The show wouldn’t have lasted two weeks if they were driving a Biscayne station wagon.
It also scratched that itch most of us have felt to just toss it all and ride off into the sunset … or run away and join the circus … or whatever.

By the way, just so’s you read this right, Route 66 is pronounced “ROOT sixty six”.

I use “Route 66” as a metaphor for changing your circumstances. When the pot of water you are in starts getting too hot, GET OUT of it … Throw your bedroll in the back of the Corvette and drive off.

For the most part, the real answer is in your head. Satisfaction and dissatisfaction with your circumstances is almost entirely up to how you decide to feel about them. Make it up, then make it happen – head first.

Sometimes, though, one’s head is just working too hard trying to make nice out of ugly. Or for one reason or another, someone simply is not up to it.

Whenever I read of a suicide or witness someone who mentally “checks out” rather than fixing The Problem, I wish they would “Do a Route 66” instead. Toss a change of clothes in a bag and change EVERYTHING.

Well, except your head. You might still have to fix that anyway.