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burning anti-Muslim false flags

This is a YouTube video covering the Oregon community college false flag shooting earlier this year. It rips up the official narrative.

Drills are being played out as if they are real involving crisis actors a few steps below B-movie actors. Media and politicians are playing it as if the events really took place.

Most, if not all of the media-featured shooting events in the last several years have turned out to be false flag events. Often without any victims at all. The rest of the time, the accused shooter is one of the victims with the actual perpetrators being protected contract killers.

The obvious agenda is gun control, and by that means, defenseless people control… conquering the human element.

Most importantly, you need to use these events to grade your sources of information. If they are lying to you in provable ways, they are lying to you all-ways … at least where it matters.

Stop giving them your time, your attention and your mind to be controlled. They provide nothing of value. They are The Enemy.

Secondly, deny the accepted mythology. Don’t let your friends get away with using “Sandy Hook”, “Oregon College”, “Aurora” or others as examples of great threats we need to fear.

All that is pretty obvious. That brings me to The Mystery

Why is the propaganda machine so frantically fanning the anti-Muslim flames.

Check your response to the statement above. “Of course it is because they are all awful, brutal, barbaric, intolerant, etcetera.”

But are they? I have met several who are none of that. I have not met any who were any of that.

Dictators, democratic leaders, organized crime, drug cartels, NATO bombers, chemical agriculture, big pharma and many other bad actors are destroying people, nature and Earth without being demonized by mainstream media. But the hobgoblins de-jur are Muslims.

Okay, Muslim subordination of women is weird (to me), but so are most closed groups weird (to me) in many of their own ways. That does not make them enemies, nor people to be feared.

Why create fear of and anger towards Muslims? The manipulators are not doing this by accident.

The fear part is easy. When the masses are afraid, they can be convinced to do and allow really crazy stuff. They will give up freedom, honor, integrity and all semblance of humanity. Rush to the camps and pay whatever it costs to be surrounded by ugly men eager to employ ugly weapons at anything that moves … collateral damage be damed.

But I’m wrestling with this whole package from the African Muslim POS POTUS Puppet, highly featured Muslim rabble rousers, staged and real Muslim atrocities with excessive media attention, white ‘Blackwater’ mercenaries wearing the now trademark Muslim masks … on and on it goes, always attributed to Muslim extremists.

There is a Really Big Show coming soon and we are supposed to unquestioningly embrace all-out war against anything that can be called “Muslim”.

I am reminded of the knuckle-dragger response to any bad news out of Arabia: “Turn the whole place to glass” – referring to nuclear devastation that melts the sand into glass.

That is clearly where the rulers would like our heads to be.

Are we there yet?