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winds of war

I am now up to 62 posts on Syria in the last 2 years. The Bilderbergs are relentless in wanting to eliminate President Assad, and thereby the stability and cohesiveness of that country. Pillage and plunder are the objectives, with nuclear world war as a pleasant alternative.

I’m not making the news, but I am reporting on this tale. It is among the most important on Earth today.

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Recent historical highlights:

Two years ago, overt attack on Syria by a USofA armada is thwarted when the British people massively protest, forcing the British politicians to withdraw from the Pentagon war effort against Syria. The Russians removed all validity, answered every excuse proffered by The War Machine, leaving no cover for the onslaught.

Al Queda, Al Neustra, ISIS … name-of-the-month enemy are simply proxies for the Rothschild, Bilderberg, New-World-Order, District of Criminals rulers. Needing more highly skilled fighters than they could recruit amongst camel jockeys inspired the balaclava uniform that could hide CIA, Blackwater and other non-Arabian mercenaries as cadre amongst the rabble.

Arms and training has poured through Turkey which is a North Atlantic Treaty Organization member as close to the North Atlantic as Arizona is to Bolivia. There is but one reason Turkey is part of NATO, and that is as a launching platform for war in Arabia.
Soros' Obama puppet
The Obama puppet and puppet-masters have no problem supporting suppressive regimes in Turkey as long as it serves their purposes … like attacking regimes in Syria that get in the way of their Mideast plundering.

Pretending to fight against ISIS while creating, arming, paying ISIS is a thin veneer accepted only by devoted lamestream media watchers. Bombing Syrian targets against the will of the Syrian government is a war crime of the highest order, acceptable only to those not paying attention to the realities … which is, once again, the same audience.

After two years of increasingly successful assault on Syria and much of the Mediterranean by “ISIS”, Russia stepped with missile and bombing attacks that actually DID devastate ISIS. This was, of course, devastating to The Plan, but real dang hard to answer on a world stage.

The Russians are widely, publicly welcomed by the Syrians. They are completely within international law, and hold the moral high ground. This, everywhere but in the USofA media monopoly, trumps the USofA, NATO, Bilderberg war on Syria propaganda.
hangman's noose
Keep lying has been the oaf-fish-al response. For the believers, it works. Sadly, there are enough of them that treason and war crimes by high rolling charlatans in DC continue to go unpunished.

Where we are this week:

Losing mercenaries and weapons faster than they can replace them, along with all momentum and maybe the current war effort is unacceptable.

The Turkey branch shoots down a Russian bomber in Syria and kills one of the crew members as he parachutes to the ground. Then they use a USofA missile to down a Russian rescue helicopter – again, in Syria.

The Russians move a missile cruiser and other air defense weapons into the area, making it clear that their airplanes and flight crews are not going to be brought down on anybody’s whim.
putin chess - obama bingo
The Pentagon is now sending two aircraft carrier battle groups to the area.

I am not the only one who sees where this is headed.

We better hope Putin and company can come up with another grand move.

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While the fourth item would be great news, it is only a symbolic protest that does not take effect until the end of 2016. However, on the diplomatic stage, such symbolism is significant.

The Sibel Edmonds interview video below is outstanding at clarifying the big picture.

FBI whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds interview