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happy war news

you are the virus, we are the cureIt is not often I see good news on the war front, but today is one of those days independent media gave me reason to smile.

“International hacker group Anonymous should leave its cyberwar effort against Islamic State to the authorities, who are better able to deal with the terrorists’ internet activities, a NATO security official has said.”

It has long been obvious that ISIS is CIA, Mossad, NATO and dozens of ‘alphabet agencies’. The war in the Middle East is intended to de-stabalize the entire region, transfer assets to the global ruling elites and ramp up to world war.

Constant, methodical killing of innocent civilians and destruction of infrastructure over a 14 year period is not a single, or even multiple “accidents”.

Failure to make any “progress” against the “growing threat of the Islamic State” cannot be explained away by gross incompetence, nor widespread attractiveness of the Islamic way of life.

The USofA is not “accidentally” dropping arms shipments into the hands of “militants”. These are resupply missions to CIA, Blackwater and other hired mercenary operators from around the world … the first army in history to wear balaclavas as the primary distinctive feature of their uniforms.

Thus it was a surprising great move when Russian forces started attacking ISIS where it really hurt. Pretty dang hard to come up with a credible complaint when your claimed enemy is getting wiped out. Oh there is some “good ISIS” rhetoric spewed by the presstitutes, but other than the usual believe-everything-tv-says folks, nobody is buying it.

Now Twitter, purportedly the main ISIS tool for recruiting, communication and propaganda, is being taken away in an abrupt, massive way.

Anonomous hackers took down over 5,000 ISIS Twitter accounts and published step-by-step instructions for others who wanted to attack ISIS. That resulted in 20,000 ISIS accounts being wiped out. Apparently, that is about half the estimated number gone in two days.

NATO is whimpering something about ‘the good ISIS’ again.

A sure sign this is hitting them where it hurts.