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ez-sneezy false flag recipe

Paris slaughterNow that the setup is complete, anyone with access to insider arms sales can have a false flag whenever they wish.

A quick call to False Flags R US will turn the trick on cue.

The setup: Bomb and slaughter families over all of Arabia. Destroy their cities, their culture, their history and their lives.

Promise them 40 acres and a mule if they migrate to Europe and USofA… and provide cover for several thousand jihadist warriors amongst the families.

When you need to hide some political or economic scandal, hand out a few fistfulls of hand grenades and full-auto rifles that local mortals cannot have at any price. Point them in the direction of a large, disarmed crowd and turn them loose.

Have your speeches and media all lined up and you are good to go. Plan some immediate “retaliatory” strikes against someone you don’t like.

I cannot read about an armory theft like the one that just happened with alarms disabled and other slick CIA stuff no fresh immigrants could pull off, but my mind leaps to “arming the next false flag”. These weapons will be showing up soon.

There is probably no stopping the war these guys are cooking up. My best advice is that for every jihadist shipped into your area of operation, get a few extra rounds of ammunition and be good enough at delivering that it doesn’t take more.

I suppose that means a lot of practice ammo.

Not a bad thing.