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2 years of overt-covert war on Syria

isis toyotas I wrote and published my first article about the USofA rulers starting their war against Syria on September 1, 2013, in:
Why Syria?

I have published 58 articles mentioning that war in the two-plus years since. Needless to say, the psychopaths in charge are determined and relentless in their bid to destroy anything decent in Syria, and own whatever remains.

That there has been no apparent progress in their supposed war against the Islamic savages is a transparent exposure that this program has been going according to their plan. All the droning, bombing, arming, killing and destruction seems to be making no dent in the savagery or relentless, cancerous growth of the advertised enemy. Gee… who-duh-thunk?

The fleets of shiny-new Toyota pickups with shiny-new pillar-mounted machine guns operated by men of unknown nationality hiding behind face masks are not Arabian accidents. This is a CIA, USofA State Department, Blackwater (now renamed), NSA and covert military war against anyone other than those who rule our country.
putin chess - obama bingo
You have to ignore a ton of evidence widely available on the Internet to think otherwise. Of course lame-stream-media does a fine job of that.

Just when they thought everything was going perfectly fine, Russia and China change the war. Completely. Brilliantly.

The Obama puppet has been bragging about Herculean efforts “against” the Islamic state with his lying lips while his hands are supplying arms, money and political support to the brutal destroyers. Even Hitlary’s Benghazi Bruise was a transfer of surface-to-air missiles and other weapons from the embassy armory to the proxy fighters.

In early October, Russia moved serious military muscle into the Syrian neighborhood and began impressively successful destruction of the ISIS heavy weapons, logistics, infrastructure and command. Even more impressively, they were invited and welcomed by Syria, Iraq and Iran. This is a rather stark contrast to the USofA and NATO’s uninvited, destructive and apparently unsuccessful presence.

This was a surprise move. The Bilderbergs had one heckuva time coming up with a legitimate-sounding way to complain. The advertised enemy was getting ripped up.
plug ears squeeze eyes shut tight
The spin-meisters worked for days before coming up with the lame complaints. I waited for their official responses with bemusement. I’m not even going to bother chronicling them here. You almost have to work at it to buy the bs they are selling now. Ignoring the truth almost requires effort.

It is not just the Russian Air Force on this mission, but also their navy and army. Even more significantly, the Chinese and Russian navies have been having joint exercises in the Sea of Japan, The Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. On a strongly related note, as I published here back in May, the Russians have demonstrated their ability to completely disable the USofA Navy’s critical AEGIS combat information and control system. Without which our navy ships are deaf, dumb, blind, helpless floating steel coffins.

If I know all this, you KNOW the war planners do.

Insanely, they have publicly removed the fifty-five-year-old Kennedy/Khrushchev non-first-strike agreement and announced a willingness to employ nuclear weapons.

That is all background for the newest development in “the Syrian crisis”.

The liar-in-chief has announced orders to send 50 special forces troops to Syria.

This runs quite opposite to the adamant “no boots on the ground” promises of the long drone and gun-running war against Arabian men, women and children.

It is also quite silly to think that 50 exceptional, skillful, dedicated, misled fighters are going there to finish off the beheading barbarians when the entire last year’s effort failed so miserably.

Anyone who can think two moves ahead knows what the real reason is.

Sad, but inescapable. The war mongers will have their way.

US Special Forces deployed as ‘human shields’ to salvage terror assets in Syria
article by: Finian Cunningham (born 1963) has written extensively on international affairs, with articles published in several languages. Originally from Belfast, Ireland, he is a Master’s graduate in Agricultural Chemistry and worked as a scientific editor for the Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, England, before pursuing a career in newspaper journalism. For over 20 years he worked as an editor and writer in major news media organizations, including The Mirror, Irish Times and Independent. Now a freelance journalist based in East Africa, his columns appear on RT, Sputnik, Strategic Culture Foundation and Press TV.

‘Calculated to put American troops in danger’: Why US wants escalation in Syria
Sending some 50 US advisers to Syria illegally to train the so-called ‘moderate rebels’ looks like a calculated move. If, or when, someone gets hurt, the US will have a pretext for boots on the ground, believes retired US Air Force Lieutenant Col Karen Kwiatkowski.