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Our meeting last Sunday was very good. There were 18 of us discussing how we could plan for emergencies as a Darby-Conner-Sula community.

I gave an overview of the parameters of this discussion group, 2-way radio functionality, the Stone Soup Kitchen project, and introduced Rick, recently retired director of operations for the Bitterroot forest service.

Rick led a discussion of how forestry doctrine of organizing out of chaos has now been adopted by all large agencies – and, more importantly, how that could be applied to our needs.

Starr of the BSOSC (Bitteroot Survival Outfitting Systems Co-op), explained the organization model their group uses. We had a discussion that led us to adopting their model as our outline and working with the forestry organizational tools to jumpstart our own efforts.

I agreed to publish the important documents here at
You can find them on the left column, 2/3rds of the way down under the heading “PREPAREDNESS“. Each article or relevant document is a sub-heading underneath that you can click on and go to directly.

We all agreed that we need at least double the number of participants to make any real progress for our community. To accomplish that we planned to talk to friends, neighbors and acquaintances, along with printing out materials to hand out and post on bulletin boards.

Here on this article and also on those links are documents you can print and share.

The next meeting is Sunday afternoon, October 25th at 4:00pm.

I look forward to seeing you and your friends there.

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