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big sky Tuesday

October 13, 2015 big sky

The view from my yard this afternoon.

I don’t know how the doubters explain this to themselves.

There is nothing natural about this.

The lines spreading cannot be explained away as clouds, nor are they water vapor.

Normal humans cannot imagine how the pilots do this.

We can’t figure how the tanker truck drivers haul known poisons to the aircraft.

How do the weather reporters ignore it?

They do.

Regardless of whether or not you can understand them, THEY DO.

The proof is in your sky

and in your body and every other plant and animal around you.

P.S. With my cheap camera, I could not have made a decent shot of it, but as I observed the sunset this evening, a broad, spreading chemtrail painted a line from the eastern horizon due west. It abruptly, deliberately stopped about 10-degrees shy of the skyline to the west.

It could hardly be more obviously a man-made, deliberate spraying of something aerosolized in the atmosphere.

Rumor has it they are spraying us 24-7. I am starting to believe that, too.