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look up

This is my new pet your eyes and look up

Talk is cheap.

You can believe all sorts of things, but I want you to trust yourself first and foremost.


Hear a high-altitude jet. Look up.

See a vapor trail.

Watch it.

Look again in a few minutes.
chemtrails over Manassas Virginia
Did it dissipate?

Look again a bit later.

Did it spread? Oho! Watch that spread.

Does that look like a cloud or vapor trail now?

Now is another high-altitude jet making a parallel trail?
(Often the same one, but nevermind that detail for now.)

The photo to the right is an example of how chemtrails work.

Among other ingredients, this haze is made up of aluminum, barium, chloride, and copper – Quite unhealthy for plants and animals, by the way.

When your weather predictors call for clear skies, what do you expect?

chemtails at work
Nowadays in my part of Big Sky Country, we are allowed clear BLUE skies less than half the time.

Geometrically textured white skies are the new normal.

Look at the satellite images on the Internet (or if you are unlucky, your television weather report). When they are calling for clear skies, how often is WHITE the new clear in your area?

The geoengineers have a story that they are fighting global warming or global climate change.

jellyfish clouds
On days the long-term historical records and computer models lead prognosticators to predict 70-degrees with clear skies, I have experienced 80-degrees with white skies.

Heck yeah we are getting man-made climate change, just not the one you can stop by doing less. And certainly not one you can fight by letting these madmen have their way with the world.

And speaking of both odd and prognosticators, your favorite weather reporter is in on it. They know full well that these are not clouds. They know full well this is not natural. Yet they spread a new fiction that makes up cute names for this destruction of the earth.

I know I cannot forgive them, let alone believe them.Why do people ignore the sky?


Think about what you see.

Maybe you want to know what they are spraying.

Not pretty. Maybe you don’t.

Maybe you want to see video evidence, soil tests, plant and animal evidence. Perhaps you are open to learning about HAARP.

It is not like we have another Earth to retreat to.

I posted my article on cognitive dissonance a few days ago with this essay in mind.

I understand it doesn’t make sense.satellite view of geoengineering

I understand that you can’t imagine a sane person doing this…
or a group of people doing this…
or anyone even dreaming this up…

I grok all that.

But that is exactly why they are getting away with it.

You deny the evidence because it doesn’t make sense.

You deny entry to the data because existing data in your head disagrees with it.

It is time to flood your brain with raw, irrefutable data.


Understand that you are seeing The Truth.

Work forward from there.