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successful geoengineering

I am starting this post off with a weather report. I considered posting a bunch of flooding and related disaster photos, but you surely are seeing plenty of them elsewhere. I’ll just share the overview below.

While media is awash with the current weather disaster news I, of course, am impressed with something else; an aspect not being covered. I’ll get to that in a minute.

First the weather report:

The East Coast, which was slammed by torrential downpours that caused flash flooding Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning, can expect more flooding this weekend, regardless of whether Joaquin makes landfall.

 Total precipitation forecast, September 30 through October 7 © National Hurricane Center

The areas hit by that storm spread from Virginia in the south ‒ where the Roanoke River crested at 9.32 feet at Shawsville on Tuesday, above the 9-foot “major flood” threshold ‒ to Maine in the north ‒ where much of Portland is covered in 5 inches of rain ‒ and as far west as Ohio ‒ where Wheeling Creek was reportedly flooded out of its banks and onto US Route 40 in Blaine.

Record-setting rainfalls, stretching from the Carolinas to New Jersey, have forced five governors to declare a state of emergency. Flood warnings remained in effect for many parts of the East Coast through Sunday.

Charleston was deluged with up to 11.5 inches of rain, the National Weather Service in Charleston South Carolina wrote on Twitter on Saturday, making it the wettest day in history of the city.

Heavy rain is expected to continue overnight in the Carolinas and parts of northern Georgia, with the National Weather Service saying it could cause some significant river and stream flooding.

With tree roots already loosened in waterlogged soil, turbulent winds could topple trees onto power lines or property.

Now on to my point.

The governors and media spokespeople are calling this weather “unprecedented” and “the worst in over 1,000 years”. Yet nobody is talking about the connection with “modern geoengineering”.

By now everybody should know that geoengineering is going on. The rulers are admitting it and describing how these efforts are crucial to “saving the planet.” Doing a web search on the word geoengineering will deliver many website choices, numerous of them being The Official Word.

Of the links returned on the first page, I highly recommend this one: for comprehensive coverage. Text, pictures and videos cover the subject thoroughly. Included are an impressive number of accurate, well-researched, thorough articles answering the question, “What are they spraying?

A search for “university geoengineering” will show courses and programs to train the climate manipulators, and particularly to give them a unified marketing shtick. Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, state university systems … they are popping these guys out right in front of our noses.

My main point here and now is:
THEY have engineered six-year droughts.
THEY have engineered unprecedented destructive fires.
THEY have engineered near biblical-proportioned floods.
THEY have engineered the destruction of California agriculture.
These perverted psychopaths have to be giggling and hugging themselves with the success of their programs. Gee, drought, fire, flood, famine … We are gods now.

Meanwhile, we have to be dumber than a box of rocks to sit quietly by accepting this as natural. Our failure to go after the perpetrators is insanity.

The governors can prance onto your television set declaring their state a disaster area now eligible for piles of pretty colored paper, but they are not inspired to declare the geoengineers who caused the disaster persona-non-grata. If your governor isn’t banning chemtrail flights over your state, he is a waste of office space. Recall him. Elect one who will address the most important issue facing your state.

Attorney Generals should be going after the criminals. We are talking about mass murder here, along with crimes against nature of epic proportions. If your Attorney General isn’t going after the murderers and accomplices, fire him. Have a recall election to install one who will do the job.

If a man steals another’s water, he goes to prison.
If he steals all the water in a state, he lives like royalty.

If a man burns a house down, he goes to prison.
If he burns three states, he’s allowed to live like royalty.

If a man kills a deer without the proper license, he goes to prison.
If he kills hundreds of deer herds, he is allowed to live like royalty.

Murder a man with a knife, go to prison.
Drown hundreds with floods, live like royalty.

If a man destroys a farmer’s crops, he goes to prison.
If he destroys half the agriculture in the world, he lives like royalty.

This is not okay.

Recall elections will send the message that you aren’t going to stand still for the rape of the planet.

You have a better idea for stopping it, I’m all ears.

They are killing planet EARTH.

Say something.

Do something.

This is not a TV show for your amusement. Saving fiat currency for retirement while the planet dissolves around you is stupid. Pester your legislators, prosecutors, media, governors … Get off your Barcalounger and shoot back.

Pick a target and address it with vigor.