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the perfectly awful storm

As the saying goes, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you”. I am gathering a big stack of ugly sticks here today. Paranoid? Perhaps, but the facts are here and supporting evidence abounds, if you are up to looking at it.
lords and peasants
While it is difficult to conceive of people who want to do this, the psychopaths and sociopaths find and promote each other into positions creating a web of mutual, destructive power. You cannot think like they do, nor can you really understand them, but like rabid dogs, they do exist, and the culmination of their grandest plan ever is upon us.

They all sat around in their black-hearted Bilderberg confabs and said, “Hey guys, let’s play Lords and Peasants. It will be fun”. While moderately intricate, it was not that hard to pull off step by step over generations.

rothschild posterAt the center are the Rothschilds; the ultimate godfather clan. So rich and powerful they don’t even show up when the media publishes lists of the world’s wealthiest… and so ugly that normal imagination cannot comprehend their souls.

Andrew Jackson was the last president (1829-1837) to kill their central banks. Incredibly lucky, he survived 4 assassination attempts. The Rothschilds won the war against southern independence in 1865. Their current central bank in this country began in 1913 along with a national income tax to pay the interest on money “loaned to the government”. Incredible, when you realize until that move, the government simply printed it themselves.

Those are some of the major pivot points that highlight how long this has been going on and how deeply entrenched the disease is. We are now at the point in history where the parasites have engulfed the host. Time is up. Lucky us. We get to witness the most significant change in the history of humanity.

Somebody had to do it. Who would you give it to, your children? Your grandchildren? Their grandchildren?

What in the world got me so maudlin today?

I was looking at, and thinking about The Big Picture.

Economic collapse is already under way. The bubble of all bubbles is bursting. The only thing propping up USofA’s economy is the Feral Reserve. The same international banksters also own all but a couple of the central banks of the world. The day they are ready, The Bubble pops completely, instantly, devastatingly world wide.

The middle class is moving towards peasantry. Renters and multi-generational households are replacing homeowners. The retail marketplace is dying. Durable goods orders have dried up. Raw materials orders have plummeted. While low oil prices seem nice, they highlight that the engines of industry and prosperity are slowing to a halt. Like a motorcycle, when it stops, it is either propped up or falls over… and they are just about done propping it up.

World war has begun. It has always been that “Either trade crosses borders or armies cross borders”. The trade wars and currency wars are escalating. USofA men and machines, including its subsidiary NATO, line Russian borders.

In the last two weeks, FOUR massive explosions have devastated major manufacturing cities in China. Only the first one was answered by a major explosion at a USofA military base in Japan. Russian bombers are flying along our Pacific coast and Gulf of Mexico. Chinese submarines have shown themselves near California and surface ships near Alaska. We are a spark away from a full scale open war that will take almost no time at all to go nuclear.

The USAF re-occupied Cheyenne Mountain claiming inspiration from the threat of an EMP wiping out all unprotected electronics nation-wide. Mainstream media has been hyping North Korea and Iran as nuclear threats. My instincts see great false flag potential in this setup. My imagination touches a few incredibly awful things they could do “in response”… not to mention the devastation to our world when The Grid goes down forever.

Societal breakdown is taking place world-wide. Since one of their most effective false flag events 13 years ago, Made In USA bullets and bombs have been riddling all of Arabia. Rulers have been overthrown, puppets emplaced, stable societies destroyed and huge prime-of-life populations have been filled with unimaginable anger. Now the “jihadists” are flooding into the lands that sent the death and destruction.

I would have thought it was enough that they were firing up cultural warfare in the communities identifying themselves as Black, Hispanic, Gay, Christian, Patriotic, Environmental, Police, etcetera. But no, they armed and trained a bunch of people to fight the ISIS that they had armed and trained to fight a bunch of people they had armed and trained to fight others they had armed and trained. (But they sold a lot of stuff. Import toys – export war.) Now they are bringing these trained, armed, hateful people to our powder keg party.

We have what Bilderberg media puppets call “a refugee crisis”. My pitoot. Look at those pictures. Do you see families escaping to welcoming communities? Or do you see a huge percentage of childless, angry, fighting-age men and women? Do you really think they are looking to build a happy life in foreign lands? Or have they been offered the opportunity to take the war to The Great Satan, as your happy home is known in theirs?

Jade Helm 15 has prepositioned martial law equipment and forces. They spent a decade militarizing our police Police Shooting Missouriforces and federal agencies … Postal SWAT teams, IRS SWAT teams, Homeland Security ammo depots, etcetera. They practice on “no hesitation” targets and drill on “officer safety” as Job 1. They disbursed “surplus” armored cars, tactical helicopters, drones and major military equipment to police forces in all 50 states.

SURPLUS!!! Who buys this BS? It isn’t like a world war just ended. It is completely the opposite. They have been ramping up war everywhere. There is no accidental surplus, merely a continuation of arms production and distribution to include our communities. These are not here to protect you.

The huge logistical distribution of tanks, gunships, Blackhawks, field hospitals and the rest of the Jade Helm exercise equipment was not necessary for training purposes. Nor will those tools of domination go back to unnamed bases September 15th. They are right where The Commanders want them… in your face.

Take a breath.
This is a lot of freight to carry; a lot of fright to handle.
Imagine when it hits.
The reality will be ten times worse.
Emotional survivability depends on being able to handle not just the information in this essay,
but the real thing when it arrives.
Many will not. Suicide will be a popular answer. So will racing to the nearest FEMA Camp.
Or you could join a gang. Loot, pillage, live by the sword, die by the sword.
Those are your choices. Prepared or unprepared, surviving will be tough. Thriving will be tougher.
Break’s over. Back on your heads.

Ecological destruction is evident in USofA, the world, and getting worse. They have millions of people chemtrail_beachbicycling, recycling, paying premiums for “environmental friendly electrical power” and so on. Meanwhile, they run an air-force-full of mega-tanker planes to spray nano-particles toxic to life on Earth. The Global Warming fear the psychopaths-in-charge were selling has become a product they can produce – and do.

HARP experiments the lunatic fringe warned us about have borne fruit. Engineered drought combined with flammable metals aerosolized in the sky above created a spectacularly destructive fire season in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Canada this year. Weather announcers point at first-ever triple super-storms and make up names for man-made cloud formations without blinking an eye. Entire regions of once rich, diverse woodlands in Northern California are now as lush as Idaho’s high desert. “Inexplicable” brown spotting on leaves grows, then is followed by death of the plants, insects and animals in that ecosystem.

Websearch Geoengineering. Facebook Chemtrails Global Skywatch. There is no shortage of convincing evidence. Ignorance, at this point, is a deliberate decision.

Food and water are becoming regionally scarce. Good food even more so. For six years now, the weather wizards moved normal precipitation away from California, Oregon, Washington and adjacent states. They brought flooding and excesses to others. Agricultural devastation is everywhere. World wide food production is way down. Water is becoming a valuable prize that major corporations can sell, or withhold.

Petro-chemical agriculture along with genetic modification has made much of the available food toxic, or at the very least, absent important nutrients. Floodgates have opened on vaccines with horrible results.

The long-ago published Agenda 21 Mission Statement Goal to Depopulate The Earth To 500 Million humans, and de-inhabiting over 50% of the USofA, is approaching.
fire devastaton
This is crazy. Nobody would deliberately unleash these forces.

Yes, and kind-of. It most certainly is crazy. The more accurate terms are psychopathic and sociopathic. They envision a world of lords and serfs. They get the spurs with whichever of us remain alive in the aftermath getting the saddles.

But they may grossly underestimate the monster they are unleashing. The Bilderbergs think they will saunter out of their bunkers, survey the aftermath, proudly proclaim “We did this”, then mount up and rule the remaining populations. In reality, they are just as likely to think they have been transported to Mars… no remainders, no anything.

Of course it might work out another way entirely.
No battle plan survives the initial contact with the enemy.

As I said at the outset, these will be interesting times, and we are the chosen ones who get to live in them.

Good morning, Mr. Phelps…. Your mission… should you decide to accept it, is to …

Foil their plans. Mission Impossible



A couple of hints in a positive direction:
Community Preparedness Teams