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Modern EssentialsModern Essentials is our reference book on essential oils. We bought our copy at the Darby Mercantile (across from the Darby Post Office).  Connie also sells essential oils and MANY other healthy products there – in addition to being a fount of knowledge. Well worth a visit.

The book is a wealth of near-priceless information worth reading through. However its real power is as a reference with listings organized both by which essential oils have traditionally been used for what, and by which human conditions have inspired people to use which oils.

Simple oils extracted from plants have been used by humans for thousands of years. Frankincense and Myrrh are among the more famous, and for good reasons. However, many more natural oils are major powerhouses.

Because big pharma and its wholly-owned subsidiary, the FDA, cannot survive open competition, the latter is all over essential oils, herbal remedies and whole foods to shut them down.

Companies and individuals supplying these healthy and healing products cannot make any claims, nor can they share success stories.  People have had their websites shut down and stuff stolen for doing so.

Thus, the Modern Essentials book mentions no product by brand name. Who knows how long that will work … because the products DO WORK … and that is a real threat to the drug pushers.

I best put my FDA disclaimer in: I’m not saying what those products are, what “work” they actually do. People have to decide that on their own and most certainly not make any moves in health care whatsoever without the approval of an AMA-certified professional.

For no particular reason, these pictures jumped into my head.

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