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the science of geoengineering

mad scientistHarvard, among others, now offers university courses in geoengineering.

Put another way, geoengineering is now going mainstream.

It is now OKAY to openly discuss the topic … unless you call it “chemtrails”, in which case you are an environmental-wacko, wing-nut and conspiracy-theorist.

I have been avoiding the topic. I rather obviously have given people plenty of excuses to apply those three labels to me. I felt no compelling attraction to adding another. I would hear the word “chemtrails” and switch off the internal data storage device, smile politely and let the topic run out of steam.

But real data from a multitude of sources has a way of piling up when there is something really going on.

Kristen MeghanThe first video to really turn off my skepticism was this one:

Ex-Military Whistle Blower, Kristen

Meghan, Exposes Chemtrails (YouTube)

Dang hard to keep your denial going when you watch her. Most impressive is her courage. She moves way up the scale into the upper reaches of the 1% when you realize who she is confronting and what risk that imposes. This definitely qualifies as “heroic” – that abused word mainstream media applies to survivors of anything unusual. If you are interested is witnessing actual heroism, watch her presentation and think about who she is taking on.

Moreover, she offers compelling evidence that really toxic stuff is being sprayed high in the atmosphere in the same way poisons have long been sprayed over our crops in farmers’ fields and orchards. We continue to discover what bad ideas those pesticides were and are. Now the madmen are spraying the Earth, or the thin layer of atmosphere covering it.

Now I’m a believer; well my skepticism has broken down. Now the data starts pouring in … and I’m beginning to store it; accumulate knowledge from many, many credible and corroborating sources.

That led me to watch the following presentation. This is the bigger picture. This one clearly shows the differences between VAPOR TRAILS and CHEMTRAILS. It also covers what they are doing, why they are doing it, and a bit of why thy think playing at being God is a good idea.

Climate Engineering (YouTube)

Contrails and chemtrails are distinguishable from each other. The differences are not only noticeable, but huge in impact.

In the last week, I have photographed two chemtrails over my corner of Montana. Crap! Out here???? C’mon guys, just leave us alone. Let us be. Ugh. I watched and photographed a chemtrail being disbursed and saw it turn off leaving a short, normal vapor trail rapidly disappearing behind the aircraft while the chemtrail spread and lingered. Then a normal aircraft traversed the same air with a normal, rapidly disappearing vapor trail in that same chunk of sky.

Dang. That clear. If you know what you are looking for. I could put up over a dozen of my recent photos, but the two YouTube shows linked above are much, much better.

I cannot highly recommend Knowing, but once you do, Un-Knowing is no longer an option.