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lifeline to Greece

grappling hookYesterday I outlined the Greek financial dilemma or “crisis” as mainstream media loves to put it.

Today the presstitute headline proclaimed:

I almost choked on my freshly-brewed cup of fresh-roasted coffee.

The Greeks almost swam free of the Titanic, but the ECB snagged ’em with a grappling hook. Torn and bleeding, they were drug back on board.

Other potential escapees were thus warned,
“You won’t get out without serious resolve, and a fight”.

This is a continuation of the story I outlined yesterday.
See: sold to the lowest bidder.
water toy
Much as with the Titanic, get yourself into a lifeboat, rowboat, ANYTHING.

Get OUT of the doomed Ponzi scheme; the financial house of cards.

Be ready to fend off the grappling hooks.

That is, until the iceberg pops into the picture.

Making the destination clear to one and all.

If you have your stuff together, the iceberg is on your side.