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sold to the lowest bidder

ECB meetingThe International Banksters loaned €110 billion ($121,366,300,000) to the Greek politicians.

Greece is a highly socialistic democracy where there are 3,541,828 employed with a total population of 11,062,889. That includes private sector as well as parasitic (government) sector. This is an important distinction as real societal income comes from PRODUCING things people WANT TO BUY.

The average net income is $10,264. In that income bracket, I remind you, there is precious little discretionary money. Food, shelter and energy take most of it.

Greek metalsmithThe banksters loaned the socialist rulers $34,267 per Greek worker – or a bit over three times what each of them take home in a year – and this is on top of whatever each Greek is in debt for, like mortgages, vehicles, consumer debt, etcetera.

When you or I go to borrow money, the questions revolve around ability to pay it back. Few would bet on the poor Greeks’ abilities to service a triple-their-income debt. Were the wealthiest men on the planet spectacularly stupid or was there another plan?

Well, let’s see how it played out for them.

The USofA Feral Reserve, Bank of Canada, the Bank of England, the European Central Bank (ECB), the Swiss National Bank and all the usual suspects conspired to make bad loans in Greece.
Greek fish market
Mind you, these are private, for-profit corporations with executives taking home multi-million-dollar annual salaries, in addition to perks and bonuses.

Once the loans had been made, shock of all shocks, the Greeks were unable to make the loan payments.

Oh dear, whatever shall we do?.

Great humanitarians that they are, they employed their charitable collective subsidiary, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to pay off the loans with exorbitant interest (profit to the original “foolish” lenders).

The happy banksters, you see, made a really good loan. That’s how they EARN the big bucks. Their corporations printed money out of thin air, loaned it to Greek politicians and got paid real money plus payday-loan interest. Nice work if you can get it.

Greek ATMThe new IMF loan, also money made up out of thin air, is backed by the faith and credit of the laboring taxpayers of the world. The Greek politicians are even less able to pay the bigger loan off than the one it replaced. The banksters are now going after the collateral. They want to own the water, sewer, power, roads, banks, money, farms … Just like the rulers of old owned everything the peasants trod on or needed to live.

Not satisfied to merely take over their country, the banksters require the politicians to cut back on social program payouts. “Austerity” means those at the bottom get cuts in retirement, welfare and social programs. The rich getting richer doesn’t completely satisfy their lusts. The poor must also get poorer. Somehow that is high art to them.

But there are still too many people slipping through the cracks: Those dang sneaks who have money in the bank and are not yet fully dependent on the largess of the ruling elites. Easy-Sneasy. Close the banks. Take the money.
greek facing cops
The Greek people are getting a bit testy.

In a surprise finish, a third party won the election. These mavericks ran on a platform of NOT ACCEPTING the IMF “bailout” aka: takeover of Greece. While everyone “knows” you must accept whatever the banksters offer, the Greeks said Oxi.

The pressure on the new government to accept bankster terms was intense. The Greek people were supportive of their new government’s resistance. But the new Greek governors wanted political reinforcement, so they put the question of accepting the EURO terms or not up to a vote.
The banksters pulled out all the stops. Their media propogandists explained in lurid detail how awful a NO vote would be. The banksters CLOSED THE BANKS for two weeks preceding the vote! Imagine the pressure THAT put on the people to accept ‘the generous bailout offer’.

The Greek people replied OXI
Translation: We support our newly elected politicians when they tell you “NO”. Or not only “NO”, but HECK NO.

For 14 hours the Greek president was in conference with the Euro rulers. He was not allowed to leave! Given ONE choice, he signed. But back home, he went on Greek television to say it wasn’t a good deal and the Greeks aren’t done-for yet.

The Russians and Chinese are okay doing business with the Greeks. Most of the world is also. Heck, in major cities throughout culturally aware Europe, there are massive demonstrations of solidarity for the Greek people and against the banksters. Many know what is going on and what is at stake.

The Euro-rapists also know what is at stake. Spain, Portugal, Italy and more are just a half-step behind Greece. Almost every economy but Germany’s is ready to get tugged off the cliff by this one who slipped over the edge. They have to cut the line before the whole string gets pulled down together.

The USofA, its dollar and the rest of the world is also attached.
beer and TV
We have a heckuva show going on …

But don’t give it another thought.
Sit down.
Turn on your TV.
Unimportant people are busy doing unimportant things to delight and amuse on every channel.