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when the trucks stop

If-Trucks-Stopped-InfographicIf you can’t imagine any scenario where the trucks stop coming to your town for a few days, you have Imagination Deficit Disorder.

This is a serious, life-threatening condition that must be addressed immediately.

Quickly now, call work, call home, call family, call anyone who thinks you are important over the next few days or weeks, if necessary, and tell them you will be absent.

Then turn off all electronic inputs. Cut off all artificial sounds. Plant your hide in nature for as long as it takes for your mind to quiet, your brain to resume thinking for yourself and your imagination to return.

See things in clouds. Play connect the dots with stars. Imagine the life of birds and insects. Contemplate sticks, detritus, moss and skip rocks on smooth bodies of water contemplating the ripples.

Once you find that nature is actually NOT silence, you might be ready to return your thoughts to your “civilized”, everyday existence.

NOW, at last, you are ready to imagine…
and I encourage you to imagine the trucks stopped running.

Maybe an earthquake,
perhaps a volcanic eruption,
could be nuclear war,
an EMP,
a massive storm takes out The Grid
those famous ‘terrorists’ attack…

The Trucks STOP.

Your stores don’t have inventory in warehouses. Modern stores have minuscule back rooms. They receive daily shipments to keep the shelves stocked.

How is your back room?
Where are your reserves?
What does your pantry look like?

I have one quibble with the graphic to the right: The word “HORDING” has been perverted to imply something bad. Something AGAINST the community, rather than a positive.

Think about it – please.

One less person in the soup line helps everyone else eat a bit more. One less desperate father makes everyone in the neighborhood safer. One person in the neighborhood who has an extra bowl of rice staves off hunger or starvation for those less thoughtful or prescient.

Who made this into a BAD THING?

I’ll tell you who. Those who would have you desperate, have neighborhoods violent and create total dependence on rescue from the ruling elite’s henchmen.

Don’t let them own you. Don’t let them take over your world.

IMAGINE the possibility that next week may not be the same as every week that preceded it.

PREPARE, even a little bit, for stores that do not get restocked next week.


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