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nice answers or correct ones?

This post is for those going about their every-day lives with expectations that the future will be similar to the past; that their long-term plans for retirement and other pleasantries will roll along with no major sharp turns in the path.

How would you recognize if your country was not a free country?

What would a police state look like, when compared to where you live?

What are the differences between a dictatorship and the USofA?

What is a standing army?

Why did the founders of this country warn against having one?

What is a militia?

What is the relationship between the federal and state governments?

Where do dollars come from?

Why does the value of the dollar seem to be decreasing noticeably?

What is your retirement plan really going to be worth?

If your answers to the above questions are wrong, would you care to know it?

It is a frustrating to many of us that most people get nearly all of those questions wrong. Including the most important one: the last one.

No. They do not want to know if their answers are incorrect. They are comfortable with their answers. Comfortable is a good place to be. More accurately, comfortable TODAY is where they want to be; where they want to stay.

All we can offer is discomfort today. And discomfort tomorrow. And an uncomfortable future.

Heck. Who would chose that on purpose?

It takes a certain kind of thoughtful, a certain core strength to choose the uncomfortable truths and to work steadily, diligently and with considerable sacrifice for a less uncomfortable future.

Waiting for it all to come crashing down before looking around to see what would be handy to have is way-too-late. The discomfort level will be extreme. It will break most of them. From full soft to full hard will be more abrupt, more dramatic than most can handle.

The rest will be bags of regret.

They will be in good company. None of us will ever be prepared – really prepared.

But for some, our bag of preps will be larger than our bag of regrets.