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Joseph_GoebbelsThere is a wacky set of posters popping up on facebook lauding Obama’s wonderful record of reducing unemployment, elevating the economy, eliminating war and more goofberryjuice.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” -Joseph Goebbels

make the lie big enoughWhile you can fool some of the people most of the time, I’m hoping this happy horsepoop is widely recognized for a continuation of the liar-in-chief’s saga.

It starts off with “I nearly tripled the stock market”. Last week, the stock market dropped to a low unequalled since 1980. I am puzzling over exactly WHAT in the stock market tripled in the last 6 years.
NEARLY is the key word. In this use it doesn’t mean came close, just that it could have been, but it wasn’t. He could just as easily used “nearly quintupled”, but too many of his loyal fans wouldn’t have understood that word.

sgs-empSince early in the Clinton I administration, the department of labor has removed more and more people from the counted “unemployed”. If they don’t get a new job in 6 weeks, they aren’t unemployed, just “no longer participating in the workforce”. You can see how much better that makes their lives, can’t you?

The chart to the right from Shadowstats shows the uncooked books. It looks a lot more like 24% unemployment. Much, much worse, a major segment of those counted as employed in this chart are earning a fraction of what they used to in a thriving market. So the lying RED line is half as high, but that doesn’t make it so, does it?

I’m really puzzled over the “ended two wars” quip.

Even before his policies had a chance to take effect, the Nobel committee bestowed The Cloak of Invisibility for war crimes on him: The Peace Prize. ah yes, spreading freedomNow the USofA has reinstituted the incredibly dangerous “First Strike” into its nuclear war doctrine for the first time since Kennedy and Khrushchev eliminated. it.

USofA warriors and war machines are actively involved in the Ukraine takeover. USofA military power is lining up all along Russia’s European border. The presidential puppet show has instituted a trade war against Russia and bludgeoned Europe to go along. “Either trade crosses borders or armies do” is a very old axiom.

The “I’m really good at killing people” drone war has done nothing but grow. They are killing people anywhere on Earth, but are particularly fond of the Mediterranean and Arabia. USofA bombs, guns, military and contract killers are slaughtering people in Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan …
Links to the money and arms keep popping up pointing at the Potomac swamp.

The USofA is killing people and destroying countries on a scale that exceeds all prior wars combined.

Then the poster moves to “cut the uninsured rate in half”. They want to give him a gold star because half of those who couldn’t afford hospital insurance are now being socialistically given it. How about the vast majority who used to pay for their own? The number who paid for their own medical insurance in part or whole also got cut in half … and THAT is A LOT more people. Rates for payers tripled, quadrupled, quintupled moving most who paid for their own OUT of the market – no longer with medical insurance.

I have to admit, gasoline prices are down. Elementary supply and demand explains this handsomely – and NOT in favor of the current administration. The economy is down, jobs are down, discretionary money is down, number of commuters are down, many countries that used to have gasoline-powered vehicles are destroyed. Meanwhile the oil producers continue to produce. This is no prize to be bragged upon.

I don’t much care what fanciful trips his accountants are on, but this administration has outspent all prior ones combined… while the country’s domestic product has plummeted. Dramatically reduced income with fantastic explosion in outgo is not how deficits are reduced. The economy is tottering on a brink far worse than 1929. This is not a rational bragging point.
Meanwhile, the percentage of people participating in the workforce is at its lowest level since 1977. Looking around, I am positive they aren’t living the high life on lucky bets.

While the government cooked inflation numbers keep Social Security retirement payments from indexing up with real rising prices, everyone is noticing their cost of living rising when measured in Feral Reserve Notes.

The clincher; the finale: “I got bin Laden”. There are a lot of stories, any number having a possibility of being the truth. However, we know for certain that pansy didn’t get anyone. We also know that the entire Seal Team often credited with the deed are all dead. And no enlisted sailors witnessed the claimed hasty dump-off of the body in the sea. The bin Laden tale is very ugly and stinky when its surface is scratched. Here, too, nothing to brag about.

The Obama worship poster is one that is best not treated as a scratch-and-sniff.