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Californicating Conner

the lane above the right bank must be expanded to handle 21,000 dump truck loadsMike Parkinson has applied with DEQ for an open cut gravel mining pit in the Trinity Ranch property on the East Fork of the Bitterroot River. The main access road will be the one that connects to Shigley Lane – the one lane dirt road above the riverbank, leading by three homes on the lane, the 9-space mobile home park, and exiting at the Conner Post Office, Store and Bar. Parkinson, who visits a couple of times a year from his home in the hills overlooking Los Angeles, did not notify any of the residents or landowners who would be receiving the dust and noise from […]

just as we were beginning to feel left out

Military movements on the northern border: “It is reminiscent of the Soviet Union” June 17, 2015 6:10 am EDT Photo: By Jeremiah Johnson | Jeremiah Johnson is a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne) and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape). You can contact JJ by using this form. This article is going to detail some of the increased movements by U.S. military forces in Northwestern Montana, particularly in the Flathead Valley as observed by myself and others who live in the area. Upon the conclusion of this article it would be greatly appreciated for any and all comments to be submitted pertaining to similar movements noticed […]

The Dissident Dad – No TV for You!

The Dissident Dad | Posted Friday Jun 12, 2015 at 2:09 pm I am all about freedom of choice, with one exception: I am the TV Nazi in my house. According to a 2013 report from Nickelodeon to its advertisers, children today are watching 35 hours of television a week! That’s like a full-time job. Heck, if TV watching was a job, these kids would qualify for Obamacare and a 401k employer match. My first born didn’t watch TV for the first two years of his life. Today, he watches about 3 hours a week. The kids have access to the one TV in our home, for 1 movie a week with their grandpa, and two cartoons geared towards […]

spending your money to kill Ukrainians

Soros Pushes US Bailouts and Weapons for Ukraine Written by Ron Paul Sunday June 7, 2015 If you look at the track record of the interventionists you might think they would pause before taking on more projects. Each of their past projects has ended in disaster yet still they press on. Last week the website Zero Hedge posted a report about hacked emails between billionaire George Soros and Ukrainian President Poroshenko. Soros is very close to the Ukrainian president, who was put in power after a US-backed coup deposed the elected leader of Ukraine last year. In the email correspondence, Soros tells the Ukrainian leadership that the US should provide Ukraine “with same level of sophistication in defense weapons […]

I’m asking a favor that could save your life

I’m asking this of YOU. You know who you are. You watch television news every day. You have every day for the last 20 years. They have had a very long turn at implanting what they wanted into your brain. The art, pace and design of their audio and visual information is designed specifically to come at you slow enough your mind can absorb it, but too fast to analyze. There it lands, takes root and resides as if it were thoughtfully absorbed facts. Two hours of this would be a lot of misinformation in your brain. But look what is actually there; how much propaganda they have implanted: 2 hours a day 14 hours a week 728 hours a […]

why your senator isn’t talking about TPP

A key source clues me in on TPP code of silence May22 by Jon RappoportIs the US Senate a representative body or a mafia? by Jon Rappoport May 22, 2015 Read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed. “In acting, sincerity is everything. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” — George Burns In a previous article, I asked: on what legal basis must US (and other nations’) legislators obey a code of silence about the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty? They can only read partial drafts and summaries of the trade pact, and then they can’t tell anyone what they’ve read. It’s a version of “pass the bill and then you can read it and find out what’s in […]

vaccines: the big picture

Globalism and the push for mandatory universal vaccination Anthony Freda Art By Jon Rappoport (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.) “Once you really understand the truth behind the lies in a given arena, then you can finally back up far enough and see the actual reasons for the lies. You can see the secret program the lies are protecting. You can see why the program is being pushed. You can see what most people would rather not see.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport) In many previous articles, I have established a number of facts about vaccines. They are not safe. They are not effective. They were not responsible for the major decline in so-called contagious diseases. […]

riding the fast track off the cliff

Your congressman can feign ignorance of what is in the Trade Promotion Authority and related treaty, but 219 of them just passed it anyway. I suppose it is possible those 219 professional politicians in the District of Criminals are less aware than some old guy living in a Montana mountain cabin, but if your “representative” is that slackwitted a recall election should be a high priority. They found no downside to publishing campaign finance reports. You can see right there in front of you who sponsors them; to whom their allegiance is owed; who they are working for. But even when the majority pass legislation absolutely guaranteed to harm you directly, there is no no penalty for any of them. […]

pick your poison at the grocery store

10 Worst Food Companies that are Poisoning You Daily and Lying About It By Jake Anderson Much of the mainstream American food supply is laden with unhealthy additives, artificial flavorings, coloring, dyes, preservatives, hormones, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and toxins. Not everyone agrees that GMOs have been proven harmful to humans, which is why the food chains listed here were selected specifically because they are responsible for a wide variety of health violations—the GMOs and their concealment from public knowledge are included for informational purposes. As with all things, I urge you to read with your head on a swivel, adjusting your worldview based on new information. #1: ConAgra Foods ConAgra—whose brands include Hunt’s, Healthy Choice, Marie Callender’s, Orville Redenbacher, […]

amateur radio saves the day

Radio Call Saves SOTA Climber Following Fall A Littleton, Colorado, radio amateur and mountaineer was happy to have his handheld transceiver along on May 17 after he slipped and fell from an icy ledge in Berthoud Pass while snowshoeing. Summits On The Air (SOTA) enthusiast Brad Byland, WA6MM, said he’s been climbing and mountaineering for many years now and never before came this close to what he called “a possible life-ending disaster.” “I’m doing fine,” Byland told ARRL. “I didn’t get hurt…only bad wind and sunburn on my face! My daughter says my geeky hobby — ham radio — saved me from my dangerous hobby — climbing and mountaineering!” Byland said that while this was his first climb in the […]

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quick trip to the bank … via the lake

emergency radio cards

Assuming that phones and Internet will work unfailingly forever is extraordinarily popular. This is despite the fact everyone knows they don’t, can’t and won’t. Worse, they will fail when everyone most wants information on what is going on and wants to share information on their needs and situations. I recognize this better than most. While to me the need for a radio-based communication network seems obvious, it obviously isn’t. Planning and preparing for the uninterested is challenging, but I’m up to the challenge. Here you have the best tool I’ve heard of. I made up this graphic intended to be printed two-sided on cardstock, cut into fourths and shared with people who might store it near or with their radio. […]

looming death of the free press

The free press has always been totalitarian’s worst enemy. The current ruling elite, globalists, Bilderberger Group, whatever you want to call them, printed themselves near unlimited money, bought nearly all the media and pretty-much had it all figured out. But the Internet. They have tried numerous ploys to no avail. Screams that the Internet produced pedophilia, terrorism, stalking, financial instability, anarchy … whatever boogie men they could come up with, but each and every time, the real free press beat the rulers back. They have huge troll teams of “civil servants” polluting the data online, but experienced, intelligent, thoughtful people develop a sense for the truth. Well, even average people can do it with a little practice. Better yet, a […]

fell off the wagon

I strayed. I behaved so well for so long. I suppose it was inevitable. Nobody could keep it up forever. I spent May 29th as a 97%-er. I worked like the dickens for political solutions. I pulled The Libertarian Party of Idaho out of the dark corner in a Boise pub and into a world with a growing number of enthusiastic activists… only to find myself dragging the rowboat across the desert while people jumped on board to cheer me on. I ran for governor of Idaho twice, comported myself very well on state-wide televised debate… to get about 6,000 votes or roughly the same as Marvin Pro Life who ranted at the audience that they were all going to […]