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gout foodsA decade or so ago I had a bout with gout. One big toe was so sensitive I couldn’t have a sheet touch it going to bed. There is no forgetting you hurt. It is highly crippling and inspires serious efforts to find a cure.

A nurse-practitioner decided my pain was gout, wrote a prescription and sent me off. I filled the prescription, but read about the drug online before taking it.

Holey smokes! If you value your internal organs, you won’t take this stuff. So I didn’t. Instead, I studied gout online.

As you know, there are lots of opinions online regarding just about anything imaginable. Gout is no exception. But there is art to processing information and, as I said, it was important to me.

This is what I used to cure my gout. I researched a bunch of recommendations for and against foods.

The GOOD were things recommended by anybody and many bodies. I made a point of eating (and doing) this stuff.

The MAYBE some people said were good, others said were bad. I cut this out at first. Added in bit by bit later.

The BAD were things that were mentioned repeatedly as gout causes. I stayed away from these for a long time and never ate as often or as much as I had before.

My two-week bout with gout was gone in a day and has not returned in the decade since.

I suspect this cure won’t get any endorsements from the AMA or big pharma, but you might start here if you start having gout symptoms – and recommend to anyone you like who has them (Send your enemies with gout to the pharmacy).

gout foods – .pdf