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I’m asking a favor that could save your life

the illusion of a free pressI’m asking this of YOU.

You know who you are.

You watch television news every day.

You have every day for the last 20 years.

They have had a very long turn at implanting what they wanted into your brain.

The art, pace and design of their audio and visual information is designed specifically to come at you slow enough your mind can absorb it, but too fast to analyze.

There it lands, takes root and resides as if it were thoughtfully absorbed facts.

Two hours of this would be a lot of misinformation in your brain.

But look what is actually there; how much propaganda they have implanted:

2 hours a day1500 media outlets centralized

14 hours a week

728 hours a year

14,560 hours in 20 years

Now comes the favor I am requesting.

Just for one month.

Unplug it.

Unplug you.

Only 30 days without their data feed.

60 hours to do anything else.

A gift of 60 hours for creativity, thinking, playing, learning, un-learning …

I dunno, but think of something you would like if someone just gave you 60 hours to use any way you wished… that is, without THEIR television or THEIR media. I provided this handy-dandy list so you could know what to avoid during this brief respite for your head.
French photo op exposed
The top picture here is what your media showed you of the event. All these European leaders at the head of a huge crowd. All 6 of the monopolies used that picture repeatedly. You thought you knew what it looked like as well as if you were there yourself.

They do this to you every day … for two hours a day.

You not only accept it, you absorb it.

And while your thinking, analytical mind sleeps, they are sneaking up on you with evil intent.

I highly recommend you spend some time ferreting out
news here on the only free press left in the world.

Today the ruling elite is meeting. The Bilderberg Group won’t let investigative reporters or protesters get anywhere near the meetings.

There is a six-mile cell phone dead zone surrounding this and TV

Your elected and appointed officials are there participating,
but you are not allowed to know that…
or supposed to know that…
but you can find it all out…
if you want to…
And you sure as heck ought to want to.
They are making BIG PLANS for you…
and they aren’t going to be nice.

Operation Jade Helm 15 is covering half the USofA like a plague of locusts. It is ugly every where you look. While their propaganda covers almost none of it, the amount of awful, suspicious activity is overwhelming.

The Greek economy is going down. Crashed with Bilderberg participants picking up all the big pieces to put in their pockets. Italy, Spain, Portugal are right behind. Right after that is Europe, then the world. This is going to happen very soon.

The USofA Vice President, Secretary of State, Blackwater CEO, CIA chief, more pubic and lots of secret big cheeses went to Ukraine before the violent revolution that replaced its government with one supported, endorsed and buddy-buddy with our government took over.

The protests leading up to the overthrow were non-violent until a handful of riflemen shot and killed people ON BOTH SIDES. Yes, the riflemen took no sides, but took lives from both sides to make it turn violent.

Now the Ukraine puppet government is receiving leaders in their positions of power from our country. Yep, Ukrainians are not running their own country. Our troops, our munitions, our weapons, our leaders are all over on Russia’s border, pouring in constantly, shelling, shooting, bombing and shooting down airliners.

Did you know that? Of course not.

I almost gag when I see clips of the con-man-in-chief talking about “Russia’s aggression in Ukraine” and “Russia must end the war”. Holey smokes, it is BLATANTLY a USofA/NATO overt war.

The same in the Mideast. The flow of Western war materials, war machines, covert and overt fighters is THE complete source of all that violence.

Does all this matter? Very much so.
Go find out.

Seeing it coming is very, very important.
This year is the most important in your life.
The most pivotal.
Definitely not the time to be sleeping.

You need real information.
Lots of it.
And a clear head.
In use.
Not passive.

You have no idea how important this is.
Nor will you if you follow the course they are charting for you.
Until it is too late.

The life and liberty you save might be your own.

60 hours off out of a 20 year sentence = 0.4%

Give yourself that.