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riding the fast track off the cliff

going off the cliffYour congressman can feign ignorance of what is in the Trade Promotion Authority and related treaty, but 219 of them just passed it anyway.

I suppose it is possible those 219 professional politicians in the District of Criminals are less aware than some old guy living in a Montana mountain cabin, but if your “representative” is that slackwitted a recall election should be a high priority.

They found no downside to publishing campaign finance reports. You can see right there in front of you who sponsors them; to whom their allegiance is owed; who they are working for. But even when the majority pass legislation absolutely guaranteed to harm you directly, there is no no penalty for any of them.

One of the FOR SURE parts of this URGENTLY NEEDED set of international treaties is transfer of redress from local, state, regional, and national legal systems to one set up by the international businesses. So if Coca-Cola, Westinghouse, Ford, JP-Morgan, Bayer, Shell or any international corporation poisons, kills or wrongs one of us, our family, neighbors or community, we can take them to an international trade court conveniently set up FOR US by Coca-Cola, Westinghouse, Ford, JP-Morgan, Bayer, Shell and other international mega-corporations.

cannibal potYou are sure to get served and TV

You are supposed to believe that this is so darn urgently crucial to life and liberty that it must be passed without being published publicly, discussed openly, or even read by those voting it into law … or the sham that passes for law today.

Do they even bother making up a story as to why it is urgent?

Why should they? It won’t affect the scores of favorite sports teams or private lives of Hollyweird action figures.

Turn on the TV. Fetch me another can of that stuff DC allows to be labeled BEER. “Trust the experts” I always say.

If for some reason you want to let the Potomac River Slime (now there’s a great name for a pro sports team) know what you think about this completely unconstitutional, illegal and immoral action, Downsize DC is willing to help.

Sadly they won’t help employ any heavy weapons in the right places, but the pen is supposedly mightier than the sword, and public opinion theoretically does have some influence in this used-to-be Republic.