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looming death of the free press

The free press has always been totalitarian’s worst enemy. the illusion of a free press The current ruling elite, globalists, Bilderberger Group, whatever you want to call them, printed themselves near unlimited money, bought nearly all the media and pretty-much had it all figured out.

But the Internet.

They have tried numerous ploys to no avail. Screams that the Internet produced pedophilia, terrorism, stalking, financial instability, anarchy … whatever boogie men they could come up with, but each and every time, the real free press beat the rulers back.

They have huge troll teams of “civil servants” polluting the data online, but experienced, intelligent, thoughtful people develop a sense for the truth. Well, even average people can do it with a little practice. Better yet, a long-term, healthy relationship with the Internet makes nearly anyone an experienced, intelligent, thoughtful person.

… Smells like the truth. Probably is.
… Seems ludicrous, likely the trolls at work
… or idiots. Hard to tell them apart.

Ah, but the rewards from learning to use the Internet. So much information – all at our fingertips – from anywhere our computer can link up. What an amazing and wonderful world.

Not just the politics and world events, either. My wife – my new motorcycle – our dog – our home – our ham radio licenses … Information is priceless. Such an amazing leap forward for all of mankind.

But really ugly if you are trying to be a small ruling class lording it over a large peasant class.

What brings this to mind is the discovery today of green med A fellow ham radio operator friend who is also a retired mainstream medical MD showed me a link via facebook to their site. It is an amazing library full of health knowledge now available at my beck and call.

Maintaining health, improving it, avoiding unhealthy things … it is all right there. Knowledge I would have to get extremely lucky to find going door-to-door through every brick-and-mortar health and medicine provider in the state.

Ah, but like J.Stalin said, “Control a people’s health and you control the people.”
This sort of information is not healthy for The State. It, too, has got to go.

How depressing. How awful. The true age of enlightenment is upon us and the elites are going to kill it.

Gosh, if I could save one thing…

But that is not something I can do. Or you. Or all the III%-ers pulling together all at once.

Realism says we need to deal with it as best we can.

truth is treasonThe Internet is coming down.

What will you have then?


That’s All Folks!


End of today’s essay.

I’m ruminating on it.

You should too.

Obviously, an extensive hard-copy non-fiction library is one piece of it.

A wide variety of specialists in non-mainstream knowledge is another.

I’ll be back to this topic when I have something constructive to offer.