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Wild imagination? Coincidence? Threat?

jade-helm-15-mapJade Helm 15 (Blue Helmet 2015) is widely discussed and documented on the Internet. Lamestream media either ignores it or downplays it.

Nevertheless, a combined all-services military “exercise” of this scale is completely unprecedented in the history of this country. Coupled with FBI, DHS, Customs, local law-enforcement, and other civilian agencies scheduled to participate and you should be very, very concerned.

I know people are comforted writing this off as “conspiracy theory” and returning to their regularly scheduled programming. But in the world of genuine news sources are a multitude of reports that half a dozen Wal*Mart stores were suddenly, simultaneously “closed for plumbing repairs”. nn-mysterious-wal-mart-6mo-closures-map-600

Six months. No plumbers. No sign of repair work. Interesting stockpiling of cargo containers, armored cars and other oddities. All of them in the Jade Helm 15 area. None anywhere else. They seem to be stockpiling something.

Odd, to say the least. Oh I suppose the plumbers the Walton kids hired could all drive MRAPS and dress in cammo, but I find it unlikely.

Real soon, you will wish you paid attention to the information and responded to the knowledge and threat outlined therein.

The Jade Helm stuff and this other picture here interposed themselves in my head this morning. The idea isn’t fresh today, but the picture … well, it is startling when you overlay the maps.

First, the background that the last year has had numerous reports that The Yellowstone Caldera is active, hugely powerful, could blow at any time and devastate more area than any volcano in recorded history.

yellowstone eruptionHere is this huge boil right at the earth’s surface needing a pinprick to clear a wide swath of humanity off the map. It is easy to imagine a nuclear pinprick sufficient to turn “erupt someday” into NOW.

Fairly well known is that the heartland of this country will not kneel down to martial law. The final move to a police state could easily fail from Idaho to the Carolinas, Texas to the Dakotas. Love of liberty is likely to overwhelm love of power without some grand secret weapon.

The Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Bohemian Club, Bilderberg Group, United Nations and so many of what are charitably called “world leaders” have quite publicly proclaimed the world to be overpopulated with human beings by 90%. They have proclaimed a desire to “depopulate the wilderness areas” (Ya’know, like where I live).

They are in a position, they think, to fix it. They know that conventional plans are not a real sure bet, but their little heads happily occupy spaces outside the box… and far outside the norms of human thinking.

The complicit media has been hyping the “nuclear threat posed by a bunch of low-tech countries. I don’t take the stated threat seriously, but their function as cover for a false flag is very serious indeed. Played either way, a single EMP (nuclear explosion 25 miles above USofA soil) would put this country into the dark ages for a generation or more.
four horsemen
This is another warning that would be foolish to ignore.

Yesterday’s news of the “accidental shipment of anthrax to numerous sites” is a seemingly unrelated tidbit.

I suppose I should also point out the economic precipice the paper currency world hangs on the brink of. Even a single blink could remove the faith in paper that has enabled the grandest theft in world history… and turn all the paper to dust.

These pervs love the occult, satanism and such. How fun it would be to pull the four horsemen of the apocalypse into one big, fun-filled summer event. Fire, war, famine, pestilence.

Maybe they will get their way, but they sure as heck aren’t going to get their way with me – without a fight.

hangman's nooseActually, I am confident nothing will work according to their plans. I don’t know how they will fail, but plans do that … regularly. And something as complicated as this cannot help but develop a life of its own.

Hopefully their efforts will be properly rewarded.


Go visit your local grocery store. Savor the view of shelves full of beans, rice, canned food, meat, dairy and plethora of fresh vegetables. You will remember this view with fond, sad lament.

Well, you could take a truckload of it home. It will be soon be worth a whole lot more than the computer records of your current financial well-being.