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Why Is The VA Stock Piling M.R.E.’s Prior To Operation Jade Helm?

mre vaAs we near the kickoff of Operation Jade Helm, scheduled for July 15 to September 15, the strange continues to get stranger. While the main stream media continues to ignore this issue, the largest known join military training exercise on U.S. soil in the history of our great nation, one that is said to include international forces, yet calls those of us who are concerned ‘crazy’ or ‘paranoid conspiracy theorists,’ those ‘in the know’ continue to prepare.mre's

While ‘preppers’ and ‘paranoids’ are mocked for having more than a week’s worth of food or survival supplies, Government agencies across the land are prepping. DHS is stock piling ammo- ammo that is now illegal for you to own- and according to an anonymous source, who wishes to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of this issue and their lack of permission in regard to discussing it with the media or anyone else, has recently informed us that the VA has begun stock piling M.R.E.’s. Yes, that’s right, folks. While continuing to ignore our true American heroes, disabled veterans, the Veterans Affairs Administration is preparing to take care of their own by stock piling “(M)eals (R)eady to (E)at” at clinics and hospitals across the nation. The only question we can ask at this time is, why?

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