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“Government cannot make us equal;
it can only recognize, respect, and
protect us as equal before the law.”
— Clarence Thomas
U. S. Supreme Court Justice

There is widespread philosophical confusion about equality. This mis-thinking is not just encouraged, it is promulgated by the government education training system, spokesmen and media partners. Then the misled people do the rest, sharing the plain-pudding neutralized language.

The objective is to reduce the serfs to equal mediocrity. The tactics include degrading the word “hero” to cover anything other than average… like heroically climbing out of a swimming pool prior to drowning.

C’mon, it is not heroic to try to survive. Survival instinct is the most basic of animal instincts. A canary strives to survive. Yet the media and politicians constantly use hero words to describe victims and survivors. “He lost his heroic struggle with cancer.” Ptewie.

Grade inflation and elimination is an important part of this effort. When attempting a high jump is equal to clearning a 7-foot bar then laying on the grass staring at clouds is the same as an Olympic Gold Medal in the 200-meter breast-stroke.

“It is important to preserve their self-esteem … so we eliminated grades altogether.”
Double Ptewie.

If passing grades in every subject is a requirement to gain a certificate, inflating reported performances to achieve it is crazy. The certification requirements are defective.

There are two levels where we can all be equal: dead or on life support. Everywhere else, we are going to have differences.

Run, throw, play the bass, install a radio, build a dresser, dance a ballet …
Life is about striving to be exceptional, doing some things well, producing something others value and contributing some light into your community.
Well, living a real life is.

If we give up exceptionalism, we complacently plod along in the herd.
Gosh, how nice for the herdsman.

It is not only important that you are stimulated towards excellence in something, somewhere, somehow, but that you recognize and appreciate it in others.

Maybe I can’t run a mile as fast as my daughter, but I can play the trombone. I can also respect or admire her running abilities.

This whole thing in the government education training system where giving something an effort equals achieving it is really sad. A passing grade in basketball should, make that “must” include the ability to make a basket, dribble the ball, pass and receive. You don’t give someone an “A” in trigonometry because they wished they could comprehend the subject.

Viva la difference!

There should be widespread understanding that we are all exceptional. We are all individuals. We all have strengths we can develop. We can all appreciate the strengths in others.

Equal opportunity is an honest opening to be good at something.

A village of exceptional people is a whole lot stronger and more viable than a population of clones and drones.

A shades of gray world might be good for the wannabe rulers, but give me full living color every time.