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unemployment rates

There are two powerful numbers depicting the unemployment rate in the USofA today.

The government figures widely published by mainstream media has unemployment at 5.4%.
That doesn’t sound too bad. Heck, in spite of everybody knowing numerous friends and neighbors who are looking for work, the numbers tell us it isn’t a widespread problem.

sgs-empAh, but there is another set of numbers. And for many of us, they have far greater credibility.

Here are numbers calculated to reflect the real world rather than the one THEY want us to see. Inside their Matrix … if you let them …
or you can take the red pill.

Everywhere you look, from coast-to-coast are people unemployed and grossly under-employed. Yeah, one out of four sounds like the reality we experience.

Yet the big time liars want us to think it is only one in twenty. Now ask yourself, “Which sounds about right? Who is credible here?”

While you are at it, how about those inflation numbers of theirs? Prices relative to your dollars seem to be climbing on everything you buy while the rulers tell us “inflation is flat”. Yeah, and the world is flat.

Here is what reports.alt-cpi-home2

I’ll be darned, rather than NO inflation at all, we see a number that looks like we feel. Are the government number crunchers right? Incompetent? Propagandists?

How can you know that John Williams is right and they are wrong? Again, just ask yourself which one matches the reality you see around you.

Why the disparity?

For one, the statistician producing these charts has no major incentive to fudge them. Whereas the politicians, media and ruling elite would get tossed if the results of their machinations were widely understood.

I just ask that you keep two things in mind when you hear or read the government / media-monopoly numbers.
1) They are lying about the numbers. The truth is over four times worse.
2) They are comfortable lying to you about unemployment and inflation. If you pay attention you will find lies nearly every time their lips are moving.

This will go on as long as they have an audience of Puddin’ Heads.

The reliable charts and data come from Shadow You should bookmark that site and go visit every time the government or media spews out some fake number.