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Wine VS Kool-Aid

Bulb 1Ravalli Electric Co-op sent surveys to 7,524 households in my area. They published preliminary results in their May customer newsletter.

More proof I live in the right neighborhood.

Were this survey taken in the place of my birth, where I finally matured to understand I was on the wrong planet, the results would have been dramatically different… even more polarized … and exactly opposite.


Do you Agree or Disagree with these statements:

Ravalli Electric Co-op should put more focus on expanding alternative renewables such as solar and spread the associated costs across the entire membership?
Strongly Disagree: 508
in the middle: 177
Strongly Agree: 172

Keeping electric rates low is more important to me than offering a Community Solar project?
Strongly Disagree: 120
in the middle: 157
Strongly Agree: 600

Ravalli Electric Co-op should invest in alternative renewables even if it costs more?
Strongly Disagree: 563
in the middle: 204
Strongly agree: 121

Ravalli Electric Co-op should take a balanced approach to energy efficiency and renewables?
Strongly Agree: 218
in the middle: 294
Strongly Agree: 326


There is obviously a shortage of NewThink Kool-Aid in Ravalli County.
Red wine
Silly people here think those who want to, and can afford to experiment and innovate, should do so. While those uninterested or financially unable should not be forced to by the mob.

I, by the way, afforded a solar panel, controller, wiring and batteries to have some off-grid / grid-down electrical energy. But I CHOSE TO at a time when I could. I am not FORCED TO through times both thick and thin, lean and lush by executive or group fiat.

Many of us here take the time to seek and find news and information rather than passively accepting the propaganda feed. The real, honest, investigative news nearly always is directly contrary to that which agenda 21 mega-money, its mainstream media and elected puppets constantly work at selling.

I’m in good company.

Wine is so much better for you than Kool-Aid.