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mashed potatoes n gravy

I can’t cook for one. Okay, a bit strong, but I am rarely inspired enough to cook for one. Two. Now that’s okay. Cooking to share a meal is good. However, I’m a lot better cooking for 4, 5 or 6. A whole onion. A whole red pepper. A pound of meat. Maybe a pound of another meat. A jar of tomatoes. … Well, you get the idea. By the time I have put in JUST ONE of everything I am inspired to add I might as well call the neighbors over to share the results. A little-known tidbit from my distant past: I went to Cook School in Fort Lee, Virginia for 8 weeks, where we learned to cook […]

Can Evil Be Defeated

by Paul Craig Roberts from John W. Whitehead is a constitutional attorney. As head of the Rutherford Institute he is actively involved in defending our civil liberties. Being actively involved in legal cases, he experiences first hand the transformation of law from a shield of the American people into a weapon in the hands of the government. American civil liberty was seriously eroded prior to 9/11 and the rise of the police/warfare state, a story I tell in How America Was Lost. Lawrence Stratton and I documented the loss of law as a shield of the American people in our book, The Tyranny of Good Intentions (2000, 2008). Whitehead in his book, A Government of Wolves (2013) and in […]

Updated List of ADMITTED False Flag Attacks

from Investment Watch Preface: Readers are encouraged to post historically-documented instances in which a member of a government admits that his or her government carried out a false flag attack. While there are many documented false flag attacks, we’re focused on finding cases which are admitted to by someone in the government who carried out the attack. Governments from around the world admit they’ve used the bully’s trick … attack first, and then blame the victim: Japanese troops set off a small explosion on a train track in 1931, and falsely blamed it on China in order to justify an invasion of Manchuria. This is known as the “Mukden Incident” or the “Manchurian Incident”. The Tokyo International Military Tribunal found: […]

continuing to corner the bear

NATO missile shield in Europe stays, despite understanding over ‘nuclear Iran fairytale’ USS Lake Champlain, a Ticonderoga-class Aegis guided missile cruiser Despite a negotiated understanding with Tehran on the nuclear issue, the US is still going ahead with its missile defense installations in Europe, being deployed over a perceived threat from “nuclear Iran” – a pretext which Moscow called a “fairytale.” “The threat to NATO countries posed by the proliferation of ballistic missiles continues to increase… the framework [of the Iran nuclear program] agreement does not change that fact,” NATO’s spokeswoman Oana Lungescu told Sputnik. Russia’s deputy Prime Minister and a former representative of Moscow to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, was quick to react saying that despite the understanding reached in […]

big spender on public schools

I wrote, published and used the article below as part of my election campaign for Idaho Governor in 2006. Nine years later I’m looking smarter and smarter. But the electorate put their Xs next to the R … hmmm does “R” stand for “Rather not think about it”? Butch the R just signed a bill for $125,000,000 worth of public schooling. If I did that the first reaction would by hilarity. Most of us sign a bill expecting to pay it. But even Mr. Moneysponge, who actually could pay it, has absolutely no intention of contributing even a penny of it. Nope. He signed it FOR YOU. You, your friends and neighbors now owe that money. Lemmesee, Idaho housing starts […]

serving the wrong master

Acting governor Bullock just issued two vetoes that serve some master other than the people of Montana who he promised to, and agreed under oath, to serve. In fact, his actions are so counter to the job he is paid to do that his legitimacy in that position is gone, thus earning the preface “acting” to his title. Let’s set the record straight. The people create government to do certain things deemed useful to their society. The government does not create people. The government does not own people. When usurpers claim legitimacy to suppress the people, they lie. Others may have said it better, or at least reinforce my point. “We the People of the united States, in Order to […]

April 1st

Cheney’s confession By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor Former Vice President Dick Cheney surprised the world this morning during an interview in his luxurious Jackson Hole residence, when he admitted that the fourteen-year-old rumors that 9/11 was an inside job were actually true. In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Inquirer, Cheney explained that the only way to move toward a global Pax Americana was by engineering a “New Pearl Harbor.” “When we assumed office in January 2001 and saw we were losing control of the world, we all panicked,” claims Cheney, obviously very emotional. “We didn’t know what to do. And Paul Wolfowitz, our strategist, suggested we rig up an attack on America as a temporary solution. The […]