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Don’t buy the TPP snake oil

animal-farm1Let’s say you personally have an oil spill. One that the USofA EPA or local “environmental protection agency” becomes aware of before you can clean it up.

You are in BIG TROUBLE

This is going to hurt… YOU, personally.

How about if you are in charge of a corporation and your oil spill is massive?

Well, you won’t feel a thing. The EPA will take a nick out of your corporate expense budget, but nothing the corporation can’t handle and still pay million dollar salaries to the top dogs… or as in Animal Farm, pigs.

But at least your local, regional and national government will see to it that most of your mess is cleaned up.

TPP and TTIP are poised to put the fox in charge of the henhouse. The bank-ster and coporate-ster godfathers get to form an “international” appeal board to handle corporate complaints that
“local folks are making international trade too hard.”
The goodfellas will step in and smooth things out for the businessmen.

You complain that Exxon-Mobile turned your community water supply into an oil slick, Guido and friends break your kneecaps. More accurately, they ignore you. You want clean water, figure it out for yourself… thanks to TTIP and TPP… and those folks you thought of as “Your Elected Representatives”.

InaugurationlaugherHave you looked lately at who hired those guys. They even publish campaign finance reports, but you don’t look at them. They laugh. Their sponsors laugh. You laugh along with all the happy people even though you don’t get the joke. Everybody gets a good laugh.

While these trade deals are being worked out in secret and your poor legislators will have to pass them to see what is in them, we know the above are key features. How much more raping and pillaging is built in we will find out later.


Here is a short video that explains a bit more:

What is the TPP? the TTIP?

By Derrick Broze

Derrick Broze breaks down how two international trade deals threaten national sovereignty and could potentially harm various individual freedoms from Internet free speech to gun rights, all without any input from the public or their supposed representatives in government because they’re secret. This is exactly how corporations usurp lawmaking authority from individual nations. How is this still conspiracy theory?