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unemployment stats

Because the federal government likes to take credit for employment levels, in 1994 they decided to stop counting people who still cannot find gainful employment after 6 months or more of looking. Ya-see, they aren’t The Unemployed anymore, they are something else … like homeless or living in Mom’s basement … disappeared off the unemployment rolls. John Williams publishes a website called Shadowstats where he unravels the tricky accounting and statistics the federal obfuscitators publish. This unemployment chart is one of his. The ShadowStats Alternate Unemployment Rate for January 2015 is 23.2%… not even remotely like the 6% or so the talking puppets claim. While the Liar-In-Chief likes to brag about their low unemployment numbers it is good to keep […]

NSA: collect it all

The Necessity of ‘Citizenfour’ from The Nation by Ali Gharib Mathilde Bonnefoy, Laura Poitras and Dirk Wilutzky pose with the Oscar for best documentary feature for their work on Citizenfour on February 22, 2015. (AP/Jordan Strauss) Last year at the Oscars, I thought The Act of Killing, Joshua Oppenheimer’s innovative examination of mass killings in Indonesia during the 1960s, deserved to win for best feature documentary. Instead, the Academy gave the award to to a film with broader appeal, 20 Feet From Stardom, a review of life as a background singer on pop records. At the time, a friend quipped, “20 Feet From Politics.” This year, however, the Academy didn’t shy away from awarding a nakedly political film: Laura Poitras’s […]

when your world gets ugly

This was supposedly translated from the speaker’s native language into French (by Russian translators) before being translated to English. Some things, especially the terror of war, are never lost in translation: I am from Bosnia. You know, between 1992 and 1995, it was hell. For one year, I lived and survived in a city with 6,000 people without water, electricity, gasoline, medical help, civil defense, distribution service, any kind of traditional service or centralized rule. Our city was blockaded by the army; and for one year, life in the city turned into total crap. We had no army, no police. We only had armed groups; those armed protected their homes and families. When it all started, some of us were […]

aren’t we special

1.) Montana has more bookstores, birdwatchers, firearms, people who hunt, and people who fish per capita than any other state. 2.) Montana is larger than Japan, the United Kingdom, and Italy. If Montana were to secede from the union (and there have been numerous calls to do so) it would be the 62nd largest country in the world. 3.) Tweets originating from inside the state of Montana are longer than those from any other state−averaging just more than 43 out of 140 possible characters in length. 4.) A Montana Yogo Sapphire is the only North American gem included in the Crown Jewels of England. 5.) By law it is a felony in Montana for a wife to open her husband’s […]

big bucks vote for vaccines

The debate rages over vaccines. On one side are the horrible, irresponsible Luddites with their outlandish claims that vaccines are actually a bad thing. On the other side are medical professionals, drug companies, politicians and mainstream media insisting that vaccines are so important to our health that they must be made mandatory. There are four million USofA births per year. The Center for Disease Control promotes each and every one of them getting 101 vaccines injected into them. At $94 per vaccine ($94 X 101 X 4,000,000= $37,976,000,000) there is just shy of thirty eight billion dollars at play here. I went to the CDC’s website and found vaccine private-sector costs ranging from $21 to $168, depending on the vaccine. […]

the roll of the presidents

A Century of American Figurehead Presidents Marching to the Beat of Wall Street and the New World Order By Joachim Hagopian – from: Global Research, February 18, 2015 It’s that time of year again! President’s Day, a time to honor America’s two greatest presidents in history (at least from history book consensus) – George Washington our first and Abraham Lincoln our sixteenth president. By conveniently combining the nearest weekend midpoint between their birthdays (22nd and 12th respectively) and lopping in Valentine’s Day and the NBA All Star Weekend to make it a post-Super Bowl Bonanza for everyone, kind of like what the three-day MLK weekend is to the yearend holiday extravaganza. But between our Presidents’ Day sales, popcorn and […]

The Best vaccine article ever.

What’s Really Behind the Current Measles Outbreak? Dr. Tedd Koren Activist Post In this nation of over 300 million, a little over a hundred cases of measles have been reported with no deaths. Some epidemic. Why is everyone so concerned? How many epidemic scares have we seen in the past few years? Both swine flu scares, SARS, bird flu, H1N1 flu, the Ebola scare and wasn’t heterosexual AIDS predicted to wipe out a quarter of the earth’s population? And this is only a partial list! As George Carlin once said, “Americans panic easily.” But who can blame us when the “experts” say terrible things are going to happen and the media doesn’t give the other side of a story? The […]